Terrible Tiger

I am going to state my Tiger position again.

I have never been a fan of Tiger as a person. I won’t go into all the reasons, but they predate “Skank Gate.”

I am a HUGE fan of Tiger’s game. He works hard, has immense mental talent for the game (that I am jealous of) and watching him play well is very exciting and is what has led to golf being so popular.

Tiger playing well is good for the popularity of golf.

I have been very vocal about thinking the “Foley Swing” is not good for Tiger. My prediction of that partnership being done after the British Open was postponed by the injury that prevented Tiger from playing for several months and missing two majors.

I think the mediocre finish at a course that Tiger has dominated (with Tiger being last in the field in driving accuracy) and Tiger turning 3 under into 7 over in one round has sealed Foley’s fate.

I am surprised those two big egos have lasted together this long, but this round has to be blamed on someone and when Tiger blames it on Foley when they get together, it might be tabloid worthy.

I hope Steve Stricker continues to contend and win so all of the know-nothings will come out of the wood work and criticize his swing for lack of lag and lack of power again…LOL.

There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance…and I cross it often. However, as I have said many times, I am though worrying about offending people who don’t like me anyway.


I just watched some of Tiger’s swings. I will do nothing but make some sense.

If you make a back swing (as a spectator you are viewing from down the line or behind) and your shoulders turn level to your spine on the downswing, the sooner the right shoulder replaces the left shoulder in space, the better your shoulders are turning.

This is not my opinion, this is just a simple fact of body mechanics. Every play on Tour does this. I do it very late and that is why I haven’t quite gotten back to high level consistent golf.

Tiger is getting there…never. His right shoulder NEVER gets back to the point where his left shoulder was at the top of the swing. Even most 15 handicaps get there at some point.

Tiger isn’t even close. His right shoulder is passing a good 6″ inside where his left shoulder was at the top of the swing and that is because his shoulders are turning almost perpendicular to the ground on the downswing.


He has the downswing of a 30 handicapper who is trying to help the ball in the air right now…and I am not saying that to be funny. It is the truth.

Check Tiger’s swing right now and check the swing of ANY tour player and you will find what I am talking about.

Actually…check out tiger 2000 on youtube. Perfect shoulder rotation.




  1. Calvin

    40, 37. Kind of like me. Wow. What now?

      • Todd

        Monte in the event that tiger leaves foley and doesn’t choose you as a instructor, who would you like to see him go to?

  2. BruinMel

    You didn’t mention the continued change (multiple change) in spine angles!!

    • BruinMel

      And today he used the “C” word!!

  3. wally

    The worst for tigers’ ego would be if nobody gave a crap about him

  4. S.

    You write, “If you make a back swing (as a spectator you are viewing from down the line or behind) and your shoulders turn level to your spine on the downswing, the sooner the right shoulder replaces the left shoulder in space, the better your shoulders are turning.”

    If you are watching video, this is probably valid.

    However, that does not address why this is happening, or how you should think about it. Even though shoulders appear to turn, there’s just no getting around the fact that shoulders can’t crank the body around.

    As far as using shoulders as real-time feedback, this could be just as valid as armpits or navel–but none of these are causes. The key that people use to tell them that they’re doing what they want to be doing (consciously or unconsciously)…might not be the same for everyone.

    On video, your spine at address looks much straighter than most top golfers. However, the spine is not a rod –it’s “S” shaped. Trying to make cervical, thoracic, and lumbar vertebrae line-up and function like an axis is a bad idea.

    CC: Peter Kostis

    • Jody

      Since the club is attached to the shoulder which is attached to C7, this makes the most since to have them rotate in a near perfect circle. They can rotate around C7 and still be in an S shape. You can crank the body around in different ways (hips, core, etc) as long as your swing center doesn’t move so you can have consistent contact. There is nothing consistent in Tiger’s swing now.

      Tiger should take this approach:
      Lee Trevino, on why he has never had a golf coach: “When I find one who can beat me, I’ll listen.”

  5. Wally

    The following is from the PGA’S TEE FORWARD the first being driver distance the the second being couse yardage 275+6700-6900, 250 6200-6400,225 5800-6000, 200 5200-5400, 175 4400-4600, 150 3500-3700, 125 2800-3000, 100 2300-2300
    TEE IT FORWARD stop screwing up the game

    • north


      I play to a 5 HCPI on a 6700 yard course hitting my drive 240 when I get roll (often 220-230 on that course because the fairways are soft). Take your drive and pitch and stow it.

    • meateater

      I have to agree with north. Ironically, David Toms wouldn;t be allowed to play in the PGA if they followed their own guidelines. He’s no tlong enough. Neither was Corey Pavin. Sricker barely is. Somehow they made do.

      The guidelines are a good idea for beginners and hackers but decent players with shorter driving distances can easily play from the big boy tees without holding up play.

    • Calvin

      Not really a valid concept but at least they’re trying. I can and have shot over 100 in less than three hours walking and carrying with three partners playing similarly.

      It is more a matter of going to your ball in a timely way and whacking the damned thing.

      Some people seem to go into some sort of trance on tee boxes. Others spend anal/compulsive amounts of time wiping stuff with towels. Some seem unable to take a backswing unless their entire foursome is gathered closely behind them to watch. Some foursomes are compelled to perform intricate marching drills back and forth on greens. And occasionally you have the certified A******* who have to argue with everybody else on the course including marshals, management and superintendents;
      That takes a lot of time.

  6. wally

    great post calvin

  7. meateater

    I watched the guys on TGC analyzing tiger and they kept harpin gon his lsightly bowed left wrist at the top. Plenty of guys have played with a bowed wrist and most were known for accurate driving, eg Calvin Peete, Trevino and of course Dustin Johnson. The thing is htough, aq bowed wrist usually means a shut clcub face and you have to really rotate your body. As monte pointed out, Tiger is barely turning at all. His arms at impact looked like he was carrying a laundry basket.

    Before we blame all this on Foley, we shuld consider the possibility that tiger’s knee is affecting him far more than he is admitting. Isn’t that the obvious explanation? It’s not like the guy doesn’t know how to swing a golf club.

  8. woody

    Tiger’s problem, to hear him tell it, is the same as Brian’s on “Big Break P.E.I.”

    Tiger is hitting it TOO PURE.

    • woody

      Seems like you are correct.

      Tiger still shows flashes of his old self. He is still capable of hitting it straight, far, and close. It’s not inconceivable that he could once again approach the top rank of his profession.

      But, something is blocking his ability to produce consistency. Is it a nagging fear of getting injured? Is it embarrassment due to the fact that the public knows many of his dirty little secrets?

      Has he lost his work ethic? During his recuperation, did anyone hear about how he was practicing his putting? He could afford to put a tournament quality green in his back yard, and hire a permanent greenskeeper.

      Or, has swingcrack got him by the throat?

  9. cdnmike

    I may have to eat crow here Monte… Tiger is really bad right now. Although I do have to say, his short game is still his biggest problem.

    I think Foley’s swing is designed for irons and trapping the ball but it may be too steep for the driver. Of course, I don’t really know what I’m talking about… I thought Tiger would finish in the top 10 this week.

    I wish you would tell us why you don’t like Tiger “the person” though. I’m curious, especially b/c you disliked him before “skank gate”.


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