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I will give a few thoughts tomorrow.

In the mean time…

I have a stupid question and some follow up statements.

Why do golfers refuse to accept they are going to hit bad shots and continue to self diagnose an ever changing array of incorrect diagnosis?

It’s the same swing no matter what the miss is, the timing was different and your inability to accept the fact that if you shoot 90, around 70 of them are going to be incorrectly executed shots (I’ll assume the 18 made putts were OK).

The inability to accept bad shots is the single greatest reason amateurs don’t get better.

BTW, if you are a 15 handicap and you slam your club after hitting a ball 30 feet from 100 yards…you just made my point…because that is not a bad shot. Look up the PGA Tour stats…




  1. Calvin

    My brother suffers from the malady. It’s excruciating to watch. I try to think like Walter Hagen who seemed to actually be energized by bad shots.

    I don’t however know exactly what you mean by “BTW, if you are a 15 handicap and you slam your club after hitting a ball 30 feet from 100 yards…you just made my point…because that is not a bad shot. Look up the PGA Tour stats…”.

    30 feet?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      30 feet from 100 yards for a 15 handicap is a really good shot if you compare it to PGA Tour averages.

      I would bet the average 15 handicap hits it 50-60 on average from 100 yards.

      I had a friend who was a 9. We kept track over 10 rounds where he averaged about 80. It was 38 feet from 100 yards.

      I did the same for a 2. It was 28 feet.

      • Calvin

        OK. You must mean 30 feet from the pin not a 30 foot shot. 🙂

  2. wally

    Great ad, if I got caught looking I would have told her she had great legs.

  3. woody

    Unless Tiger is playing, TV tends to follow those leading the tournament, and they’re on top of their game that week. Golf can be kinda boring to watch, so if they can’t give you human drama, they’ll fill the air-time with great shots. So people have unreal expectations for themselves.

    One reason golfers don’t get better is that they’re taught that success means getting it to look right to an outside observer…instead of doing the right thing and having it look how it looks for someone of their body type and athletic condition. If they’re teaching positions to Americans, then there should be more pictorials with Craig Parry and Kevin Stadler.

  4. cdnmike

    That last point is something I have been thinking a lot about. I am an 8 cap.. however an 8 cap on a pretty easy course so maybe higher than that. Anyway, from 150 yards I sometimes get upset with a 30 – 40 ft putt. I should probably just be happy every time I hit the green, right Monty?

      • cdnmike

        When are you going to post your Tiger prediction for the year? Come on man… I want to hear what you think he’s going to do this year.

  5. swaff

    3 things I have come to accept as I enter year 3 of playing golf (started at age 25)

    1. If the shot is in the air in the general direction of the target (no shanks), I’ll take it. Shoot, sometimes my best results come from hitting it super thin.

    2. Never ever complain about hitting a GIR. Worst case scenario, I’m making bogey.

    3. Never ever complain about making par.

  6. Jabrch (Jason)

    First – Monte – love your stuff – here and at WRX. Thanks! That said, I totally agree. There’s nothing wrong with a bad shot every now and then. That’s the nature of this game. And the higher your hcp, the more it means you will do that. I’m NEVER unhappy hitting a green in regulation +1. I’m a 19 hcp, so if I am on in reg+1, I have a pretty good shot at a bogey – which right now is not a bad thing. Sure – I’m working to improve. But my problem is my own consistency, not my fundamentals. I don’t strike the ball the exact same with the exact same swing each time. I know that. A friend of mine is trying to talk me into completely redoing my swing, going to a Foley type swing….he wants me to replicate Sergio. For a number of reasons, I know I can’t – and shouldn’t. My improvement will come from repetition and consistency, not from forcing some intermediate position (delayed lag or stiffer arms) like this guy wants me to do.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I agree with you. Your friend is trying to give you the shanks.

  7. Lawrence (parteeboy)

    Here’s a perfect example. Even the world no. 1 is human. 😉

  8. Andrew from Addis

    As an 8 hcp, I have a simple rule of “acceptable performance – no self criticism”. It is, get within 10% of your target (Not the pin). So from 100 yards, 30 feet (10% of 100 yards) is fine – no criticism! Outside that I tend to rate shots as “bad thinking” or “bad swing”. The latter I just ignore but bad thinking needs work and is unquestionably the weakest part of my game.

    Over about 180 yards the 10% certainly starts to climb towards 15 or more but that is OK too.

    Andrew from Addis


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