Shoulder turn drill

First off, if you are reading this and thinking, “This guy is a moron and teaching people to reverse pivot…”

…you are not doing it right.

This drill is not for you if you have a weight shift problem. This drill/feel is if you have an upper body movement problem and/or lack of shoulder turn issue.

To initiate the backswing, feel your right shoulder (for right handed golfer) go toward the target. This is especially effective if you have too much lateral movement off the ball with the upper body.

To initiate the downswing, feel the left shoulder go away from the target. This is especially effective if you have a tendency to get the upper body in front of the ball. A huge issue for many lower handicappers. For those that tend to snatch the club with the hands, you will be less likely to do so. It is also very helpful in creating tilt behind the ball at impact…which you all know I am very fond of.

Hold a shaft in front of your chest and practice this in the mirror. You will see how effective it is in fixing the issues I have described what it is useful in dealing with. Practicing with a shaft across your chest in front of the mirror will help you create a 90* shoulder turn to the spine with this as well.




  1. Husker

    Got a video illustrating the moves to start the backswing (toward the target) and downswing (away from the target)?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      As long as it’s a cut shot, I have no problems.

  2. Ron

    Can we take this drill/feel of turning your shoulders towards target before taking them into the back swing to hitting the ball?

    That is to initiate a waggle of moving your shoulders (and Hips?) towards the target before starting your back swing?

    I see this as a great idea as many great golfers suggest some type of waggle or move before you start your back swing.

  3. Calvin

    That’s a beautiful thing on 30 yd pitches. I wonder how it will go as I increase distance and club? I think I’ll stick with the pitches for now and enjoy myself.


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