Shanks and Early Extension-Miss Drill




  1. Robert Johansson

    I checked the title, and asked why would Monte want to teach people to shank it and have early extensions and miss it?

  2. Brett

    That is awesome. Can’t wait to try it.

  3. ghpennington

    So what do you do with your lower body to create the space…hip bump, knee slide, all the above?

  4. calvin

    Lovely. For sure you can’t do this and early extend. I fight shanks sometimes with short irons and I will make good use of this drill. Thanks Monte.

  5. Roy Gilley

    To help clear the left hip on the DS, imagine a rod connecting your right shoulder to your left hip. Try to move the right shoulder more down than out and this will help push the left hip open. Will this work? I didn’t think so….

  6. IPM

    Monte, this may be a stupid question. Early extension is a term I hear a lot. Is this referring to releasing the club early? If so, what is “early” about it? Is it early because it is extending before the slight lateral shift?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It’s when the body senses there is no room for the arms and it reacts by standing up or thrusting he hips toward the ball.

      • IPM


      • Alf

        Otherwise known as humping the goat. 😀

  7. calvin

    What I learned doing this drill. Gurus talk about firing the right side thru but that gives me early extension and shanks. Monte’s drill is telling me that form the top if I try to move my left buttock around my right buttock it will pull my hips forward toward the target. No firing of right side there but it gets me a strong move thru the ball and lets me do the drill successfully.

  8. Jason

    You can hit the ball just as far off 1 leg (the leading leg). Firing the right side is a myth. Yes pros do it, but it’s not necessary.


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