Round 1-edit round 4

Won my group of 9 by 15 yards to advance at 374.

5 of 6 in grid. Won’t lie. I am a little nervous. Probably good.

In round 2 wasn’t quite as good but enough to advance. Next round 5 hitters for 2 spots in world finals, other 3 to losers bracket for 1 spot.

Different contest, same problem. Out of shape and wear down. Not an excuse, I take responsibility for not preparing better. Hitting fine.

Hit fine again. No more lolly gagging. I am one if the top in the sport, but I am not in good enough physical shape to survive the multiple rounds. Just like the world championship. I got shorter as the competition moved on.




  1. Andrew from Belgium

    Cool Monte – been looking for results – just stay cool and swing hard – we are all behind you!

  2. mukster

    Adrenaline, nature’s own deer antler! Good luck.

  3. Andrew from Belgium

    If not quite in good shape why not hit only two or three balls per round if that is enough to advance. Hitting 24+ balls in an hour or two must be pretty hard work.

    Alternatively run 10 miles a day 🙁

  4. Jimmy B

    You can do it.!!

  5. Geoff Dickson

    Quick tip: A cheap/effective way to freshen up and/or aid recovery is hot-cold baths or showers.

  6. Jimmy B

    This is off the subject but did anyone see the Interview today at the Honda with Nicklaus and Johnny Miller. Jack made some very poignant statements.
    A golfer has to know his swing and be able to make changes in the middle of the round if need be and that he did those things in majors.

  7. Jimmy B

    Actually I was on the subject, Monte was verbalizing his swing thoughts and conditioning shortly after competing. With out HH / DL / or any of the others there to help him. Congrats

    • Mike Divot

      With that kind of help, he would have broken his neck going for 400!

      • Jimmy B

        You are so correct….!!!


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