Play golf like a good Texas Hold’em player

When good and consistent poker players have a big stack, they are very aggressive, play many hands, try and take down many pots and push the short stacks around.

However, when they are short stacked, they bide their time and wait for a good hand…or when they are up against a wall, go all in.

In golf that style translates very well. When you have your A-game, attack, when you are terrible, wait for your opportunities and then go all in when you are up against it.

I see way too many people protecting their good rounds, or trying to protect a lead when they are at their best. That is a terrible strategy. When I am 6 under par, I want to get to 10, not try and worm my into the clubhouse with 6. That ends up at 4 or 5 under…or even worse.

When I am 2 or 3 over par and have been missing the ball left all day, I am not going to attack a back left pin with water just left. I am trying to worm my way into the clubhouse with as little damage as possible and hope for a better day tomorrow. If I have an opportunity to get one or two back before the round is over, all the better.

Just like bad gamblers like to hoard their winnings and double their bets to try and get even when they are losing, bad golfers protect their good rounds and try and force their way out of a bad one. Both of those methods end in going broke.




  1. rojoass

    Perfect post. Protecting a round when it’s going your way makes it difficult to break those 100, 90 , 80 & 70 numbers.

  2. Calvin

    Ok, so you’re playing great and have a four shot lead with two holes to play?

  3. Wally

    Poker is stupid

    • Calvin

      Wally, You da man.

      • Monte Scheinblum

        Really fellas? Did we miss the point of today’s post entirely?

  4. FredL

    probably a difference in opinion.
    Playing great then getting more aggressive can also backfire. You start to swing faster and timing is off and the score starts to go up.
    I know this happens to me. If I haven’t warmed up, I would take easy swings. Then get more aggressive…then starts falling apart.

    Thank god I don’t make a living off this! 🙂

  5. Wees

    So does golf eventually fall in line with statistical reality in the long run also? Of course, that assumes that I am playing “correct golf” consistently.

    Come to think of it, this comparison does make a lot of sense!


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