Painful-edit #9

Frank is hitting great.

Birdied 10 (his first hole)

Laced perfect shots on 11 and 12 over the pin over the green. He almost made a great par on 11, but hit it into a place he had no chance on 12. Did well to get it to 20 feet. The wind is up and I dont think he felt as much as there was.

When you are trying to recover your mental game, it’s no fun to start with birdie and give it right back.

I don’t curse much on this blog, but he just missed the 20 footer. Back to zero for day.


Edit #1-he is visibly frustrated after not birdieing the par 5 13th. I wish under the rules I could tell him something that wasn’t cliche “keep your head up,” stuff.

Edit #2…just as I was typing edit #1, he dropped a 35 foot bomb to get back to 8 points. 6 is likely the cut.

It would be nice for Frank to be free mentally to play the back 9 without the cut on his mind. Hoping to turn at 10-12…fingers crossed.

Edit #3-Ever since he hit over the 11th and 12th greens, the wind has picked up and he has been very tentative through the ball.

Edit #4-Yikes…he has completely lost his posture and rhythm. 18th par 5 he hit a really weak ball left and is looking at a -3 if he doesn’t find it. As he got tentative, his posture reverted and he started pulling the handle really bad.

Edit # 5-I’m hiding all the sharp instruments.

Edit #6-I’m not going to lie, he is not playing as well as he has for the week, but he has only hit one or two terrible shots. Most of the bogies are shots that he is hitting 3 yards too far to a back pin an the ball is hoping into the back rough with no shot.

Today’s round is a disaster more a result of distance control versus playing poorly.

Only two bogeys are the result of bad shots. The rest were bad distance.

Edit#7-it’s nut cutting time. He just made a birdie. Three to play he needs one more to get the weekend.

Edit #8-good grief!!!!! For about the 6th or 7th time today, he has hit a solid shot that landed 5-10 feet too far and one hopped in the back rough.

Edit #9-after all the struggles and more bogeys than he ever made in a round, he has a 10 footer to make the cut.





  1. woody

    “Birdied 10. Laced perfect shots on 11 and 12.”

    The trend is in the right direction. And, luck probably owes him a couple too.

  2. Calvin

    Hit a couple of shots badly and you gotta try sump’m. It’s the hardest lesson:

    Stick with the plan. It’s a good one.

    Good news, Duval is doing well this time. So far.

  3. North

    6 or 7 times one hopping over the green into the rough? WTF is his caddie doing, just humping the bag?

  4. woody

    Well, on the bright side, Frank made the telecast, at the very end of the broadcast, and the nation saw him burn the cup with a putt he needed to make the cut.

    It looked a bit quick–which would have been a great strategy if it had gone in.

    At least he put himself in position to make the cut. Next is making it. Then a top ten…then being in contention…then a win. No sweat. Kind of like climbing K2.

  5. mukster

    I believe his head is still in need of sorting out. You really sure you don’t want to caddie for him? 😛


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