Now the comebacks

At another Monday qualifier for Nationwide event, I was 5 over par through 10 holes. I stupidly tried to drive the 11th green with water short and left and OB just right of the green with a really small track to run it up. Luckily I pulled it off, only to three putt and still be five over with 7 holes to play. I was in the 12th fairway and it was near the parking lot and I was ready to pack it in. Dave Stockton Jr. saw me getting ready to walk to my car and said,

“Don’t do that, the last 7 holes are really easy.”

I made 5 birdies, an eagle and a par the last 7 holes and shot 2 under par. That qualified, I finished 16th in the tournament and a top 25 finish gets you in the following week without having to qualify on Monday…the nicest part of this was the Tournament director liked the way I entertained the crowds with my long drives and talkative personality, gave me a sponsor’s exemption for a following year; I finished 13th in that one and that got me into an additional event the following week.

The other comeback, being the greatest of my career, needs no long explanation. At the first stage of PGA q-school during the fourth round, I needed to go 7-under par the last 10 holes to make it to the second stage.

Birdie, Birdie, Birdie, Birdie, Par, Bogey, Par, Birdie, Birdie, Eagle…and made it on the number.

Another lucky 7 under I guess.

PS-I would like to invite the readers to feel free to comment and request content. Disagreeing with me is OK and I would really like to hear your comments so I can provide you with the info you would like to see.




  1. torpet

    Your input on the GEA made me curious so I’ve read all your ‘blogs’. I like the mix between advice (or nonadvice) on the game and anecdotes from the tours. I live in a small country on the other side of the ‘pond’ so I do not have the oppurtunity to hear och see the actions on the tours. I watch streaming videos from the European and PGA tours though.

    Keep it up please!



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