My son is raising money for diabetes.

Yes, a shameless plug for charity. He was diagnosed in September and is in a fashion show to raise money for the PADRE foubdation. I get tons of emails thanking me for the info I provide here and am asked what can be done in return. Here you go.

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  1. Jake G

    Gladly support this cause for a great guy and his brave son. Great job Ronin. Done. Thanks for all you do Monte

  2. Doug H

    Best of luck to Ronin! I’m not diabetic, but one side effect of some prior surgery is my glucose / insulin balance can get out of whack if my diet gets out of line. Monte, while I feel badly for your son, I know he has a great father who loves him dearly. Small donation made, Monte. Hopeful to see you when you visit Chicago.

  3. Atrayn

    This is a no-brainer for me as I was diagnosed with Type 1 1/2 (adult onset juvenile diabetes)in 2011 after many years being mis-diagnosed as a Type II.

  4. PaulK

    My son was diagnosed with type 1 in his 30’s. I’m in with thanks to you Monte and sincere best wishes to Ronin.

  5. carrera

    Monte, great cause and will donate. I’m 50 and was diagnosed with Type 1 when I was 15 yrs old, and I have had zero-point-zero complications from it. My last physical my endocrinologist said that anyone looking at my medical records would have no idea. Hard work, but a “normal” lifestyle (HS and college sports and years of sports afterward) is certainly achievable, especially with today’s technology like Dexcom blood glucose monitors (I highly recommend). Just thought I’d send that info your way.


  6. Jim Appleton

    Monte my 28 yo daughter was diagnosed type one at age 12. She is now a registered nurse and doing great. With the insulin pumps, it’s a lot easier to control ones blob sugar. Also, my golf partner is type one, he’s doing well also. Bless his heart, he just needs a couple of lessons from you! I’m informed support!


  7. Steven Willard

    I will gladly support this great guy and his brave son. Thanks for all you do for the golfing community.

  8. ijsouth

    Happy to give a few bucks…figure I’ve been freeloading off the videos for long enough anyway.


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