MY second attempt at Tour golf

At the end of July, I’m cutting back on my Teaching schedule some so I can put better effort into making an attempt at golf again. I have all the physical tools, many of which I didn’t have 25 years ago, I just need to put in effort. I also have a better mental approach to golf. The only thing I am missing is I haven’t really been a golfer for a long time and I need to be one again.

I define a golfer as “someone who tries to get the ball in the hole in as few shots as possible.”  It really is as simple as that. That skill is as rusty as a shipwreck that’s been at the bottom of the ocean for a hundred years.

I will be actually posting more instructional content and videos than I have been (I apologize for the lack of content lately). I will also be posting more updates on my routine and progress both here and on my twitter @montescheinblum

I will also be posting a lot more videos on my Instagram, also @montescheinblum.  Instagram is really where I have been posting the most, be sure to follow me for daily content (before and afters, drills, etc).

For now…the biggest issue people have with their putting is too much hip rotation (especially in the through stroke). More than zero is too much. If you’re a bad lag putter, it is nearly certain you have this issue. Nearly all amateur golfers have this issue and 9 out of 10 people who claim they have none, to the point they get irritable when I say they do, have it…

More to come on this subject.




  1. Ricky Dawson

    Good luck.. hope to see you back on the tour!!

    I hope the Clinic in London is still going ahead?

    • Ron greco

      Be rooting for you

  2. Eric

    You’ll do great Monte. Go get it. But don’t forget about your favorite student!

    • Neil

      I know, I hope he doesn’t forget about me! 😉

  3. Deron

    Interesting. I never thought about hip rotation in putting to be a thing, but you have my attention considering I’m less than stellar when I’m trying to lag it close. Typically I’ll lag it about four feet short and leave myself knee-knockers all day for par.

    So you’re saying that basically, assuming I’m completely square with my body neither open nor closed at address, I want to maintain that position through the entire through stroke while putting? Is that what I should feel?

  4. Derrick V


    This is great news that many of your followers will support and all your future endeavors as well. I really look forward to seeing your instructional content as well as hearing your thoughts on the mental game of golf and course management. Well…time to buckle down and get busy.


  5. Derrick V


    I have a question for you.There is an old mid-19th century proverb that goes:

    “A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.”

    I am wondering whether or not this applies to professional golfers also. My question is do you plan on training yourself? Don’t all pros have coaches on the tour?

    Thanks once again.


  6. Steve

    Relax, embrace your maturity, and make it happen Cuz.

  7. Ian

    Good decision Monte. If you don’t give it another go you’ll always wonder ‘what if?’

  8. Banner 12

    I assume you mean you are getting ready to qualify for the Senior Tour. That’s where your length will be a great advantage. However, as you know, the Senior Tour is pretty much a closed shop. Tough to qualify without a lot of lifetime earnings. You need to play and play a lot before qualifying time(in a couple of years?).

  9. Andrew M.

    Monte, if your own game is half as good as teaching others how to improve theirs, you’ll have no problem. Suppose I should go and buy some more lessons before you don’t offer them anymore or the price triples. 😉

    Looking forward to seeing what comes along.

  10. Mike Greene

    Monte, you must for for it…..or you might always regret it. You certainly have the golf knowledge, you just have to remember how to play competitively again. Hey, if Dale Douglas could do it….so can you!

  11. charlie goffnett (aka Coach G)

    You have to make a run for it…A lot of people
    are pulling for you…Can’s wait for your updates
    and comments on your process for getting the ball
    in the hole (scoring)…No matter what happens, you
    have contributed an epic about of education and
    entertainment to all of us lovers of golf.

  12. walt

    I purchases your new video. I think there is a lot of excellent teaching. I’ve been chasing this game forever, 30 + years. 6.6 index self taught. Multiple lessons, one that was worth the $. ( Outside Grand Rapids MI an instructor who taught @ high school and had a golf shop outside Grand Rapids MI.)Your videos so far have helped!( I traveled a lot in my job.) Only through 1 and 1/2 of 2 of your video.
    Elbows together throughout swing, right shoulder lead,left hand naturally open/close at impact. ( best instruction so far!)
    I think compact swing ( keeping right elbow tight on back swing and bring it back to right side during downswing. IE: Sergio, Dustin,
    Furyk, Day ECT, ECT) is the new swing? Inside your inside swing at impact? I lost my swing and working at getting it back. last 3 rounds have been good. I think an early wrist break fits your instruction ( early break at waist high?) Also a tight grip so you don’t get loose at top? Short game is where you become good, but not with being able to consistently strike the ball and Drive it decent? I think? Practice, practice, Practice ( with the right swing instructions?)I think.


  13. Nick

    Looking forward to your journey, Monte. Ever though about a vlog the way Ricky and Pete did for the Open? You’ve earned a lot of support from people around the world thanks to your generosity and we’d love to continue showing you support!

  14. Lawrence

    If you need a playing partner at Oak Creek just let me know.


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