My round on Tuesday.

Normally I would say that not playing a round of golf for 7 months, hitting balls for 3 weeks, then taking 10 days off to move is not the right way to prepare for my first competitive round in a year…and that would be correct.

However, golf is a funny game. Sometimes when your expectations are low, you shoot a round lower than expected. On the flip side, over preparing often puts you in a mind set of unrealistic expectations. I have often seen the latter during pro-ams when guys who play once a week, practice every day for a month to get ready and shoot 10 shots over their handicap.

I figure one of two scenarios.

1. Rust and a new swing and approach has me all over the place and I shoot 75-80.

2. The new swing and approach is so much easier and fun and a clear mind allows me to make a whole mess of birdies…I tire late in the round from being out of shape and carrying my own bag and I limp into the club house for a 69 or 70 and squeak in.




  1. s.

    Why carry your own bag? It’s obvious from reading your screenplay that you aren’t a huge caddy fan, but carrying the bag might be a distraction.

    Let me run this up the flagpole: what if you called a local high school golf coach, and asked if he had any players who would like to caddy FOR FREE, just to be inside the ropes, to get the experience of caddying for a stud in a big-time competition? If he could give you three possibilities, maybe get him to arrange time & place for an interview, so you could see if any of them “clicked,” with what you wanted.

    Play a practice round. If it works, maybe try it in the tournament.

    Otherwise, get a very light carry bag. Good luck. I predict some nerves at first, then settling down and making it.

  2. Calvin D

    I think you will strike the ball well and accurately. Not playing for 7 months will pose a problem in instinctive things like distance and clubbing. You will have to be very alert to identify true causes for shots that find trouble.

    I believe that you will get stronger as the round progresses. Stronger as in more confident.

  3. Brett Picotte

    Use a pull cart. It saves your back and your strength, and it will probably freak out your competition. If it squeaks, that’s even better. 🙂

      • gwlee7

        I suggest that you try an experiment. Try playing a round where you only use even numbered clubs. 😉

  4. Steve Bishop

    Like I said before Monte, trust in your Pre-shot routine. It’s the preparation that will give you the best chance of making it. It will narrow your focus and give you “dead-aim”. As you know, at our level of competition it’s the guys who grind it out shot after shot that make it. Everyone has a “good swing” and a “good short game” and a “good putting stroke”. The winners are the guys who’s mental attitude was superior and focused.

  5. Brett Picotte

    That’s too bad about the pull cart. In that case, at least have someone carry your bag – even if you’re using them as a walking pull cart. Save your back and shoot your best. Just have them follow you around and tell them to stay the hell out of the way on the greens. I want you to do well so the adventure will continue and we can read about it. 🙂 And most of all – Good Luck!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Regardless of what happens Tuesday, the adventures will continue.

  6. seveonsunday

    be the ball…


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