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I have been working really hard on the “Plane and release by feel” drill. It is helping me set my hands lower at the top of my swing.

My big problem is I get my hands too high at the top of my swing, they drop to start the downswing…and I am cooked. The club is going to be under the plane and my lower body is going to stall to let the club catch up. This is a result of too much arm swing. I believe this swing today stops as soon as my shoulder turn stops.

Off and on good golf has been there for a few weeks, although those back spasms I suffered set me back a week or so. I am not going to play any more tournaments this year (The local Nationwide qualifier in two weeks a possible exception). I am going to spend the whole winter playing in skins games they have around here to get my game sharper. That is basically my problem. Lack of play has me as dull as a butter knife most days because I am still in “working on my swing mode.” Playing one good round out of three and shooting 70-74 the others is not good golf at this level.

I made myself a good player by playing golf and trying to make as many birdies as possible. Skins games will re-hone that skill.

This swing looks like I am not hitting it that hard, but I assure you, the ball is going as far or farther than I normally hit it. I just need to add a little more turn and “work on it” less.




  1. S.

    –shoulder turn–

    I’m thinking that in golf it is better to visualize WHAT you want to happen, rather than HOW you want it to happen.

    Logically, if you turned your shoulders…just by turning your shoulders…that move would have to crank your body around from the top down, and it really wouldn’t be a swing. Or, you would have to think about turning your shoulders AND getting your body out of the way.

    Allowing your shoulders (probably just your left shoulder) to act as a “landmark,” you don’t have to think about how you’re doing it, just the desired result. I saw an interview of a Champions’ Tour guy who said that his swing thought was, “Left shoulder toward the chin, then left shoulder away from the chin.” That doesn’t work for me, but it illustrates the idea of focusing on a result instead of a cause.

    You make a great turn. Maybe that is part of turning your shoulders–not something separate.

  2. Dean


    Looks to me like you ripped that one. Can you guess how far when you swing like that?

    Can you talk a bit more about high hands? Are you saying hands get too high when too much arm swing is involved? And doesn’t that back shoulder have to drop some or I am dead wrong? Love your posts.

  3. Michael

    Why don’t we ever see an iron swing? Mix it up a bit!

  4. Michael

    Awesome. I’m interested to see the differences in just the sound between you compressing the ball and what it sounds like when I do it.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      The last time I saw you, you were getting in front of it. Having any success with that???

      • Michael

        It’s gotten better, yeah. I saw something that clicked with me while watching golf on TV. My swing, I shifted my weight pretty hard and I’d get on the outside of my lead foot and all in front of it. I started working more on my pivot and I noticed I don’t move near as much forward as I used to.

        Like what you’re doing, it’s getting used to a different feeling. If I try too hard, block/snap. If I don’t do anything, my weight gets stuck on the back and I’ll probably hit it heavy. When I get it right, ball flight is solid and seems 10-15% higher than before. Still can’t hit a fade on command but oh well. Next time I remember my camera I’ll shoot you a follow up video from Youtube.

  5. Steve Bishop

    Monte, it looks like you are aimed right with your feet but square with your body. At least that’s based on your resultant initial trajectory. I’m not sure that’s how you planned it, but that closed stance with your feet allows your hips to open up slightly more in the backswing and thus allows that “under the plane” motion into impact. If you square up those feet just a smidge with the rest of your body alignment I think you’ll eliminate at least part of what allows you to get under it.

  6. John

    Hi Monte, you know you’ve got the talent. IMHO, you just need to stop thinking about how your swinging the club, and just hit the ball. I think you yourself might be falling into the trap of trying to work on to many things at once. Pick one, plane, release, posture, whatever, and then focus on hitting the ball. Remember the “butterfly effect”.
    Just kill it!!!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I am not working on much at all. Setup and a feel that creates the ball flight I want.

  7. Yuval

    You got some speed in your downswing, it’s a blur…
    Looks compact and powerfull!
    You may want to raise up the shutter speed a bit to see the clubhead on the downswing (1/2000 at least).
    And this swing definitely deserves HD camera, we want see you in hige defintion!
    Good job!


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