Most golf swings are too long

The laundry list of bad things that result from swings that are too long is endless, but the big one for the average golf nerd is loss of lag. A swing too long disconnects the arms and on top of that, the golfer can’t generate enough speed to deliver the club with…

“Forward shaft lean, resulting in compression of the ball.”

Boy have I learned to hate that lingo.

Many of the swings I see that are too long are a result of late wrist set because people are widening the arc, float loading or some other catch phrase that belongs in a spaghetti western, to achieve lag. The body senses this and extends the backswing to give more time for the wrists to set. Swing gets too long, upper body tilts toward target, then from lack of speed and steep angle of attack from tilting toward the target….early flip, no lag, no shaft lean, no compression.

The irony is thick enough to need a particle beam laser to cut.

To shorten the swing, you need to get the wrists to set a 90* angle between the left arm and shaft (right handed golfer) by the time the left arm gets parallel to the ground. This makes it easier to hit pitches and 1/2 or 3/4 wedges, as well.

Here is a drill that shows you how natural that 90* angle is for the body to produce.





  1. Roy Gilley

    Do exercise A) in correct posture or B) not overly concerned about posture. A or B?

  2. Peter B

    Use this drill it is nothing else Monte says just one small difference that makes it easier for us arm swingers. He want the right arm not be bent at all and just make a small movement. Its amazing how you can hit 75% distance with that. You are forced to rotate the body correctly because of the right arm in extension. First time I know what in sync means. First time I know what it is to hit a ball without arms and body rotation only and I play for 30 years. This drill is the shit.

  3. Andrew Tyler

    Well, this post came at great time for me. I know I’m guilty of trying to get the backswing to some ideal position in my head instead of what works well with my body.

  4. Calvin

    This drill of Monte’s saved my golf swing. I don’t hit range balls
    I just do this drill. I also do Klassen’s collar bone to collarbone
    drill because it gets my body to move correctly. Now if I can just
    learn to putt and hit sand shots

  5. Norman

    This is a major issue for me. Should the wrist be set 90 degrees (when the left arm is parallel to the ground) for all clubs? I find it harder to do this with longer clubs.


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