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I have gotten some emails and a response on GolfWrx that say that my take on tilt is great for driver, but you can’t “get compression” (a term I hate) with an iron if you have tilt.

Well, THE EXACT OPPOSITE is true. If you are not tilted, even with LW, your arms have no room to swing, your hips will stall and your hands will not be able to stay ahead of the club and “hit down” on the ball.

Yes, a cast is what you get when you are straight up and down or tilted forward.

Even to hit a knockdown or punch shot, you still have spine tilt, your hands and body are just farther forward to take the loft off the club.

Look at this picture and tell me you don’t need tilt to “compress” an iron.

Can we please use the term trap? 😀

No tilt I guess...LOL




  1. Ron

    No spine tilt would mean that both hands will be gripping the club at the same position on the club. I guess this would be done by putting your hands together in a prayer position and grip the club. LOL

  2. Christian

    Or it would mean what I usually (mostly used to :-)) do – get ahead of the ball and have to flip like crazy to square the face. Not a lot of compressing going on there.

  3. woody

    Actually, compress is more accurate than trap…although both imply that there is trapping or compressing against the ground–and there isn’t.

    The club hits the ball before the ground, and not into the ground. Peter Kostis will demonstrate, in super-slow motion, close-up and personal: (1:24) Zach Johnson

    • Calvin

      Zach’s got tilt.

  4. cdnmike


    Are you looking for ideas for your blog by chance?

    I would love to hear your predictions for the upcoming season. It would be fun to read and debate.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Of course Mr. Foley. I will do more later, but I expect big things from you and Tiger this year after the Chevron where he was working on the right things after you read them on my blog. 😀

      • woody

        Credit Couples, not Foley. By giving Tiger a President’s Cup spot that he hadn’t earned, he got a taste of being in the spotlight again. That propelled him to heights he hadn’t approached since the Masters.

        Or, maybe that new caddy told him to just play golf and tune-out Foley.

  5. Jason

    I think what they mean by compression in the ball being compressed against the face, rolling up then springning off the club. All this compressing against the turf is nonsense.

    • Shallowface

      The ball doesn’t roll up the clubface. Watch the Zach Johnson video. Watch any number of those videos. It never happens, not even on the shortest of shots. It’s one of those old myths that simply isn’t true.

  6. Jason

    Yes I also agree spine you need spine tilt for everything, you make adjustments according to club length. It also helps you keep your head behind the ball.

  7. Jason

    I’m not saying it’s an obvious thing but it does for the tiniest fraction, it has to or there would be no spin.

    • Shallowface

      Nope. Spin comes from a descending blow with a lofted clubface. Essentially a glancing blow. The myth of the ball rolling up the clubface was first busted by the Browning firearms company back in the 1970s using high speed photography. They used this research to create the Browning 440 and 500 irons. Old favorites of mine as my nickname would suggest.

  8. denozzoa

    Not to be picky, but you brought up the point of Golfwrx posters claiming that your idea of tilt is fine for woods but not for irons. You disagree saying that spin tilt is also needed for irons and then post a picture proving your point. But the picture is of Hogan swinging a driver. You may want to find another picture, just saying. I enjoy reading your blog everyday, keep up the good work.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Hmmm? Bad perception on my part. I thought that was dirt flying in the bottom of the picture.


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