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Every time I criticize his swing, I get hate mail, so I decided that’s fun and will do it some more after he won.

People point to wins like Torrey Pines and stats to prove me wrong. I say he could care less about regular tour wins…for him anyway. My job is not to bask in the glory of someone not playing to their maximum potential. Getting excited about Tiger winning at Torrey Pines is like me getting excited if I shoot 70 and am sloppy in doing so. Compared to everyone I play with, it’s a great score. However, I am trying to eliminate the flaws in my swing so I can be what I consider a good golfer again.

There are two relevant factors here. Tiger was as bad in the majors as he was at any point in his career on weekends last year. In his mind, that is all he plays for. Winning majors and that happens on the weekend.

So by his standards, last year was the worst year of his career.

The second part that is relevant is the cliche that golf is a game of misses. By that judgement, Tiger is the worst player on tour off the tee by a significant margin.

Find me another guy on tour that both chunks woods and misses balls in the next fairway on a regular basis.

That works at Torrey Pines, it won’t work at the majors on Saturday and Sunday.

There is no debate. He is possibly the greatest manipulator of the club in the history of golf and that’s the only reason he is hitting more than 10% of the fairways with woods.

Being a bad misser off the tee is what kept me from winning on the tour and what kept me from advancing past the second stage of Q-school.

It was not uncommon for me to hit 11 of 14 fairways and have the three misses be a $3 cab ride back to sanity.

On the right course there was no fear and I could go low with anyone.

On the courses they had Q-school, I spent 4 days with my hands on the steering wheel and I was just another dreamer as a result.

I was right when I said Haney made Tiger swing like O’Meara, he wouldn’t win any more majors and would fire Haney.

Until Tiger changes his swing pattern with driver, he ain’t getting any closer to Jack’s record and that is the standard he should be judged by.




  1. Jim

    Monte, I love your total honesty when it comes to Tigers swing. All the things you point out are so apparent when you watch the telecasts. Wouldn’t you agree though that his short game and his wedge game from 125 in looks 100% better than last year? Also, his putting seems to be much better! His short game was what made him great (after 2001), and it was so bad it was hard to watch at times the past 2 years. As for the driver swing I just don’t get it. Foley is supposed to be this tech loving, video/track man guy but can’t get him to be so steep with the driver!

    • woody

      Looks like that was taken a while ago. Open Championship? What year? With TW, if you go back more than a month or two, you may be dealing with an entirely different swing.

      I have to admit that the guru may have identified some EFFECTS–but the cause of them took place long before what he notices.

      When the hands have dropped to waist level, the conscious swing is done. Yes, your brain can try to try to keep it from being horrible, with ultra-fast and unconscious corrections…but routing the entire left side that far into the downswing? I don’t think so.

  2. RBIm Developer

    He is all over the map the last 3 years.
    soon he will fire foley.

  3. Tom McNamara

    I loved David’s interview after…”but you played the back 9 like a $3 violin.”
    Tiger just doesn’t look comfortable with a driver in his hand anymore. I know I wouldn’t!

  4. woody

    I am anything but a TW fan. And him winning by 8 shots makes for a bad tournament, in my opinion. The only thing that makes it watchable is his bad shots and great recoveries from them. However, in his defense:

    1. They don’t ask how, they ask how many.

    2. Play was gosh-awful slow. Trying to play when you get “iced” by the people ahead is very, very difficult.

    3. He had such a big lead, he could take his foot off the gas and coast.

    4. He played great in awful conditions in one of the earlier rounds–which has not been his strength before.

    The Majors have stronger fields, sometimes on tricked-up courses. The probabilities are against anyone getting a win there.

  5. northgolf

    There is not a leaf left on my swing tree: I have been defoleyated.

  6. Calvin

    The ultimate guru hot-seat: Teaching the world’s greatest golfer how to swing.

    Ultimate irony: The world’s greatest golfer changing his swing at a guru’s direction.


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