More on the website.

I went off on my mission statement for the website in yesterday’s post. I have more ๐Ÿ™‚

I want to make the site as user friendly and improve it as much as possible, so no idea is too out there. However, I want to keep the cost for a lesson as low as possible, so some things might not work.

I am hoping this site allows me to teach as many of you as possible and not have to get a real job. Teaching golf is not a job for me, it is really fun and my goal is to make it fun for all of you as well.

Does anyone have any good ideas on how I pick the random student to travel to each month?

Any ideas on how to make the Torrey Pines Outing great?

Any ideas for the blog or the site and how to make them better?

Basically, I want to continually improve it. I won’t be able to use all ideas, but I want to hear all of them.

What would you guys like to hear about tomorrow? The time Bob May (2000 PGA runner-up) and I had to jump out of a moving cart we lost control of, the time I got fined for laying up on a par 5 (my Rory Sabbatini impression) or the time I got mad at a playing partner and grabbed him by the neck?

Gee, I wonder why they called me Happy Gilmour for a brief period in the 90’s? I used to be a bit hot headed and a bit of a jerk when provoked…but you guys know that already.

Fatherhood has had a positive affect on me. ๐Ÿ™‚




  1. Schmiddi

    I would like to heare the story about the round where you had to grab your playing partner by the neck ๐Ÿ™‚

    About your online training. I’m wondering what the right club is which should be used for the video you will analyze?

  2. Parker

    Hey Monte…I have some experience with online promotion and blogging. I actually have a blog similar to yours. I wanted to do exactly what you are doing, but just didn’t have the time or tools to make it happen. However, I think you could have success with this idea, and I’d love to throw some things by you. Just shoot me an email (you should have access to me email through this comment).

    Good luck!

  3. steve wood

    The lesson thing could be a winner. Ron del Barrio is in So Cal and apparently makes a living doing lessons. Huge population there, word of mouth might even make you drop the Internet thing. You might be surprised how far some people would travel.

    Send a ringer to take a lesson with del Barrio and borrow some of his ideas? Or go to and see if it sparks an idea.

    Manuel de la Torre competed on PGA Tour, was a long-time fixture in Milwaukee, maybe still gives lessons. (Also has website & DVD). De la Torre always asked a student, “What are you trying to do?”

    Well, if the answer is “takeaway low & slow, get the shaft to parallel, retain the angle for lag, and give it an AJ Bonar twist of the right forearm at impact”…your lesson plan is pretty much done.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Steve, those people would have read one post on my blog and gone back to their Leadbetter DVD’s.

  4. steve wood

    I wasn’t suggesting that you incorporate any of their teaching. People who come to you will probably have already tried all of the traditional stuff.

    With Ron, I meant that it might be interesting to see some of the things he offers. As I recall, he could give someone side-by-side comparisons of the student with himself, or any other golfer. Some people might be helped by this. Picture worth 1000 words? If you were going to open a restaurant, would you maybe wanna observe how other restaurants operate? That doesn’t mean you have to serve the same food.

    As for asking what a student is trying to do, I’m not seeing how it would be better to just jump in with comments without finding this out. But, whatever.

    Getting fined for the Sabbatini impression sounds like a neat story.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Great ideas, especially the one about knowing what they are working on. I had planned to do that, but not as detailed as you suggested.

  5. DChesler

    I think it would also be interesting for you to use your contacts in the pro golf/long drive game to have “guest instructors” on your website. Basically, invite one of your buddies to talk about a tendency or problem they sometimes have and then present the mechanics and feel of the solution. You could even interject your own personal ideas about the problem/solution with other possible “feel” options to sort out the swing fault.

  6. Steve Wood

    Hey, I guess you figured out that my previous response with the “low & slow,” etc. was for un-learning rather than learning.

    As far as the suggestion about have โ€œguest instructorsโ€ on your website, that would wreck the character of it.

  7. Peter Balogh

    Steve and DC are right check how the others are doing it and get the things you like. I would absolutely recommend you speak and do not write in your lessons. You are good in explaining you should use that.
    This should be easy with the V1 software and Camstasia Studio from Techsmith.


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