My theory on what golf lessons should be.

(read the whole post, the best part is at the end)

I have seen it all. Golf Channel lessons, golf video lessons, golf publication lessons…I have taken lessons, given lessons, seen lessons given by pro and rank amateur alike and I have come to a conclusion.

Golf lessons are not being done correctly.

They are too long, too technical, too complicated, too verbose, too general* and most especially, too directed at fixing EVERYTHING that is wrong today…or even worse, a band aid that might help tomorrow, but cause permanent problems.

*(when I said too general, I meant that everyone gets the same exact info on how to conform their swing to what is supposed to be perfect swing mechanics)

Golf lessons need to be about improving each individual’s golf game for the long term and not all at once or a random tip to possibly play decent tomorrow. In other words, the object of golf lessons is to make the game more simple, so the person getting the lessons has a lower handicap 6 months from now.

That is key. It’s a two steps forward, one step back process. Getting better at golf is about understanding that some days are bad, but you are moving toward your goal of being better in the long term and not fall into the trap of short term quick fixes that make you worse in the long run.

You repair the issues that are getting in the way, later the lessons become about maintaining all the good things going on and making sure none of the bad things return.

My simple system entails three steps.

1. A constant reminder of all that is going well with the swing, including rhythm and balance so those issues remain the base for development.

2. A constant maintenance of proper balance and posture at the setup position.

3. One swing thought to work on at a time. This one thing may be repetitive as falling back into bad habits is common in golf…but there is never more than one swing thought to be practiced at a time.

Go out and take some videos of your swing now(one from head on and one from behind), because in the next few weeks I am launching a website that will accomplish all of these things in an inexpensive and convenient manner. You load your videos on the site and I will give you a personalized golf lesson.

$25 for one lesson, $100 for a series of 5 lessons or $200 for a series of 11 lessons is far below market value, but is about what a golf lessons should cost. Instead of sitting on the range for an hour being told multiple issues that are wrong with each swing you make, you will spend a few minutes filming your swing from two angles at the range, in your back yard with a plastic ball, or even in your living room hitting a wadded up piece of paper acting as a golf ball (it must be a swing at an object because practice swings are misleading). Preferably with a digital camera, but a cell phone camera will work too.

Having a golf swing that holds up under pressure for 18 holes is about simplifying it and doing all the right things automatically. Getting to this point is much easier if you make the fundamentals that will work with your swing automatically one step at a time. How can you make 5,10 or even 15 swing thoughts part of your swing when you can’t possibly repeat all of them at the same time?

It will also be a great way for people who live in areas where golf is not played 12 months a year to keep sharp during the winter.

I got this idea because over the past year, and especially since I have been writing this blog, I have gotten hundreds of requests for me to become an instructor.

The exciting part of this is it will all be personalized for each individual.

Once the site is up I am going to become a site sponsor for both the GEA and Golfwrx.

On top of that I want to run two promotions on the site.

Each month I am going to draw one student at random and travel to wherever they are (in the United States) on my own dollar and give them a free lesson in person for a few hours or play a round of golf with them.

Also, after the site has been online for a year, I am thinking of taking the three most active students and the four of us go play Torrey Pines South and I’ll pick up the tab.

It is my goal to make everyone a better golfer by making it easier and more fun.

(The web designers tell me it will be done very soon)




  1. Bob

    Looking forward to it, Monte!

  2. Peter Balogh

    Will the sessions be private or open? Speech or written? Speech would be cool.

  3. bobbyp

    Very interested!

    How will you accept payment, Monte?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Bobbyp. Setting up a credit card gateway with the bank as we speak

  4. Smitty

    Excellent! I know what my wife is getting me for Christmas.

    You should have a method for people to give your lessons as gifts.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Great idea Smitty and to others, I am looking for great ideas like this to improve the site as much as possible.

  5. meateater

    Sounds pretty weak to me. You don’t have an infomercial, DVD series or even a book promoting the famed “Monte Scheinblum System” for adding 75 yards to your drive, improving your short game and curing ED. I’m afraid some cliches about balance, posture and not overthinking won’t do it. Just as the consumer has been trained that TaylorMade actually discovers each year new principles of physics that add 15 yards to a 20 handicappers drives, they have been taught that golf instruction is useless unless packaged around a proprietary swing model and attested to by at least 6 PGA players.

    OK, just kidding. Careful there, you might just help some people and ruin it for all the other teaching pros, th eones I hear on the range urging hackers to “complete their backswing” and “hold their angle.”

  6. Chris P.

    Awesome. Can’t wait to send you my sweet swing. 🙂

  7. Steve Wood

    Three problems. (You will always find people to pour cold water on your dream.)

    1) If I ever saw a video of my swing, I would quit golf forever.

    2) If I got lucky enough to play with you, I would quit golf forever after seeing what you can do.

    3) Get a picture of their grip, and an explanation what they’re thinking when they take their grip.

    I started with interlock because I bought a Nicklaus book, and he said he had small hands like me. Much later (guess what, little success) I switched to overlap because all the pros did it. Then, I figured out that a 10-finger grip is not a baseball grip–but exactly the same as Vardon with the left hand, right hand still in the fingers. As long as someone can keep the right hand from taking over (probably the main reason for the Vardon grip), I see all advantages for me.

  8. Eric

    excellent news, I would enjoy you ripping my swing to shreds 🙂

  9. DChesler

    Wow, I feel really fortunate to have gotten a few golden nuggets from you pro bono. I’ll definitely be interested in doing this once Spring comes around and I can see my ball flight for more than 70 yards in the dome.

    I presume this service will be available for every club in the bag from Driver to Putter?

  10. A Tyler

    Count me in on this, although my co-worker’s wife’s best friend’s lawyer hits it way farther than you.

  11. The Veal

    et tu, monte?

  12. gmbtempe


    Best of luck on your website, thank you for your contributions.


  13. Carrera

    Sounds good…looking forward to your instruction.

  14. vigrx

    I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

  15. Team Roster

    You you could change the blog title My theory on what golf lessons should be. Monte Scheinblum's Blog to more specific for your subject you create. I loved the blog post withal.


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