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  1. Schnee

    It was interesting monte, on PGA tour radio yesterday, “The Grill Room,” Bobby Clampett was on and was talking about exactly what you teach, that there are too many style-based teachers that have cookie cutter methods. He was saying that instruction in golf today is in chaos and it’s causing people to quit because of all the cliches. It sounded like one of your posts exactly.

    • Bruce

      I heard that interview too and wondered what Monte would think. Clampett seems to be on the same page. I tried posting a link, but for some reason can’t open the website from work. Google “The Grill Room PGA Tour” and find the show from this past Saturday. The Clampett interview starts about 65 minutes into the show.

  2. Claude

    Here is to the army of “cliche” instructors from the new breed such as Monte…simplify simplify simplify….why in the hell would a swing be any more complex than “bump, dump and turn” in that sequence assuming you have a reasonable setup, grip and takeaway! Voila….that is really simple! I am struggling not because of what may sound as an oversimplified approach…I am struggling dismantling years and years of improper instruction , repetition (now engrained in bad muscle memory) of a bad/improper swing sequence…in so may words “holding the lag” on an improperly sequenced swing is ludicrous! Monte said it the best yesterday while casually shooting a 68 “99% of cookie-cutter instruction out there does not apply to most golfers breaking 100″….and trust me Monte and I have been taking all of the misconceptions (forced onto my fragile gullible mind for years) apart…one by one…and we are making tremendous project! Do yourself a favor….hire Monte and start enjoying golf today! Oh yeah and tell your pro to go see him as we’ll…I bet he’ll have a lot to learn from mr Scheinblum!

    See you at the club championship!

    • HoldTheLag

      I won’t hire any instructor who does not teach in cargo shorts.

      • Monte Scheinblum

        As I see it you have two choices.

        1. Get lessons from the local know it all range rat, that will preach out if the latest issue of Golf Digest.

        2. Move to Southern California


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