I have decided lag is a meaningless term

I know I have talked about not forcing lag, but now I just think it is meaningless. It has at best an indirect correlation to distance and solid contact. At worst, too much lag can be difficult to manage. The misconception that lag is the opposite of cast has just jaded everyone’s view of it’s importance. Obviously casting the club is a complete power loss, so people just assume the opposite of that is maximum forced lag which would equal maximum power.

Creating lag with the hands for maximum power is like a body builder saying he is going to make his right bicep the largest in the world.

Who cares how small of an angle you can produce between your left arm and the shaft. What good is it if you can’t unwind it properly?…and how are you going to unwind it properly if you created this angle independent of the rest of your swing?

Who thinks creating that small angle to going to produce trajectory, spin and distance controlled iron shots?

I guess that means you want to have two completely different golf swings for driver and irons?…so creating one repeatable golf swing isn’t a daunting enough task?

Not to mention creating lag in chips and pitches is a completely disastrous undertaking.

Pushing the hands out to create maximum forward shaft lean for maximum power and maximum compression (a stupid term I hate as well), is no less effective in creating an unbalanced golf swing that leads to inconsistency, shanks and early extension (hip thrust/goat humping), among a laundry list of other bad things.

Forward shaft lean at impact that was produced by properly releasing the club with a SYNCHRONIZED golf swing is where maximum power is created…and you can use that swing with every club in the bag…including short game shots.

DISCLAIMER: of course lag is not meaningless, I am again trying to minimize it’s importance as a primary goal and relegate it to a RESULT of a good swing. Everything else I said I meant.




  1. s.

    I thought I had tried every wrong way to swing a club…but, er, goat humping?

    The problem with “lag” is that it comes from observing video, and people are misinterpreting it.

  2. BernardP

    Your DISCLAIMER says it all: lag is a result and can’t be an objective.

    Last year, I bought a Tourstriker club, hoping that it would help me develop lag if I learned to swing it correctly.

    After extensive practice, I have come to the conclusion that being able to hit balls correctly with the Tourstriker is only an ** indicator ** of a good swing. Trying to hit the Toursriker with the objective that it will lead to a better swing is not productive.

    My own experience is that when I finally managed to hit the Tourstriker respectably, it was at the expense of a very short backswing, stiff wrists in the downswing and loss of distance.

    Yet, I loaned the Tourstriker to a low-handicap friend and he could hit it easily with his normal swing: He has natural unforced lag at impact.

    Now, I only use the Tourstriker occasionnally to check how it responds to changes in my concept of the swing.

  3. woody

    “the Tourstriker is only an ** indicator ** of a good swing”

    Great analysis of that tool. But, I think the Tourstriker was more intended to teach people not to help the ball up, rather than to induce lag.

  4. north

    While I don’t attempt to create lag (i.e. keep the angle in the wrist as deep into the downswing as possible), I do concentrate on having the hands leading the clubhead into impact.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      north, be careful with that thought. If it works great, but it can become an issue.

  5. Doug B

    Wow, Monte – dissing not only forced lag, but also forward shaft lean? You will be banished from the instruction pages of Golf Digest forever.


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