Knowledge of golf and golf swing by gurus

I have gotten some emails and PM’s telling me that guys like Kostis, Haney and Leadbetter have a tremendous knowledge of the golf swing.

I thought about it and it is true. It’s probably semantics, but I need to start referring to them by saying I don’t like their ideas about how to apply their knowledge.

Someone who is a medical doctor obviously has an enormous knowledge of the human body after years of study and experience.

However, if a doctor performed open heart surgery on someone with a common cold, I think that is a poor use of their knowledge and that is how I see the way the gurus treat the golf swing.

A bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea.




  1. s.

    You write, “guys like Kostis, Haney and Ledbetter have a tremendous knowledge of the golf swing.”

    I’ll dispute that ’til my dying day (which is hopefully on a golf course).

    I’m sure that it is quite possible to be an above-average golfer without knowing anything at all about the golf swing.

    The gurus almost always confuse cause with effect.

    The bottom line is that all the parts of the body have to work together. And, the part of the brain that accomplishes this is much faster than the part of brain that analyzes things. Thinking too much during the swing is like using a wrench to drive a nail, and the result is paralysis by analysis.

    When good golfers like yourself have tried to impose an artificial mental structure on what they do, the results can be ugly.

  2. Calvin D

    Well, I know a lot about the golf swing too. I mean I have read and absorbed every thing I could get my hands on and attempted to apply it with some degree of success. I don’t think I should have a TV show.

  3. Calvin D

    Golf is probably the most difficult physical skill to teach there is. All those gurus and the only people they actually teach are already skilled players. Where are the beginners and amateurs the gurus have taught to be scratch? Nowhere. They write books and sell DVD’s for us which leave us right where we started. I give them some slack because the task is so hard but I have absolutely no illusions.

  4. Bob34

    For me, The Haney Project series has been pretty enlightning in regards to the ‘gurus’.

    There are problems with both the student and the teacher that’re pretty hard to overcome;

    – The students come in with a lot of garbage, years worth of tips & stuff that doesn’t even apply to us as individuals but we think it does. I think the first thing the coach has to do is get the student to forget all of it and just pay attention to the one piece of instruction the instructor wants you to focus on.

    – The gurus do a poor job of relating what it is they want you to do. There is a balance between keeping it simple but also imparting enough knowledge in a way the student can understand it to effect change. Haney telling Barkley the same thing over and over again isn’t going to help. If what the instructor is telling a student doesn’t effect change in a few tries, it’s time to say something different.

    Which brings me to another thought about an idea for Monte’s teaching; I think it’d be awesome just to be able to shoot the crap about my ideas of my swing over the phone. Monte would tell me, yeah thats a good thought/idea, no, that one is crap and I need to flush it, etc… Just a good wrap session to get on the same sheet of music. Of course there should be a charge for this… Maybe there could also a webcam session which really would be just as good as an in person lesson.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      “Haney telling Barkley the same thing over and over again isn’t going to help. If what the instructor is telling a student doesn’t effect change in a few tries, it’s time to say something different.”

      That is one of the cornerstones to my teaching and this blog. I say the same thing over and over again in different ways. Everyone interprets information differently.

      If I am trying to get you and another student to release better. For you it might be to emulate a top spin forehand….for the other it might be to try and get so much club rotation that the toe of the club comes into the back of the ball.

      The object is to find what makes sense. It is a cooperative job between the teacher and the student.

  5. banchiline

    OK Brian M. is getting $200/hr with his casio & trackman. On the road.

    Is that a good deal or what?

  6. banchiline

    Right On!


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