Keeping your back foot flat on the down swing

Horrible (with a French Accent)!!!!!!

Now I am not advocating pulling your right (back) heel off the ground, but trying to actively keep your right foot flat is another invented, restrictive action.

Anything that restricts natural movement of the body is going to cause you problems…both with your swing and physically. Keeping your right foot flat on the ground on purpose is going to restrict your hip turn coming through impact.

Don’t take my word for it. Try and rotate your hips as they would work on the down swing while trying to force your back foot flat and see what happens. See how that feels and torques your body.



I have the new swing theory that will make me millions. Restrict the hip turn on the back swing (ala Jim McLean’s X-factor) and force your back foot to stay flat on the downswing and you can make a golf swing with no hip turn at all.

I will make my millions by getting kick backs from all the surgeons I will send people to after they ruin every body part from the arm pits to the ankles.




  1. Wally

    Great post. Stiff shafts are better for everyone no matter what your swing speed is.

  2. s.

    “Restrict the hip turn on the back swing”

    I’d say that anything anyone tries to do with hips is a mistake. Hips are part of your balancing mechanism–reacting, or a natural part of anticipating a movement.

    People might think that they’re doing something with hips because the hips are moving. I do something like that myself with chipping…there’s something that I want to feel moving. But, if somebody just tried my “feel,” it wouldn’t work for them.

    The reason that MacLean saw hips not moving very much isn’t because pros were restricting the movement, it was because they weren’t trying to do anything with their hips…just letting them run on automatic pilot.

  3. Wally

    The only time you should have any “deliberate of the hips is when you are doing the “TWIST”. rcod on Chubby.

  4. carrera

    When Kenny Perry was in his heyday this was a popular move…he kept his right foot planted longer than just about anyone. Bubba does it sometimes with a driver…looks odd.

  5. rojoass

    The only time I keep my foot down is when I say something I REALLY mean !

    That’s my story & I’m stickin to it……..

  6. t.pas

    if there are instances that I strongly agree with your posts, this is on top of the food chain….

  7. Shane

    I guess that’s why some of the best like Hogan, Dufner, and Perry keep their right feet planted through impact, huh?

  8. Leon Berkowitz

    Hi Monte…Can you explain then why Jack Grout made Jack Nicklaus make literally thousands of swings flat footed concentrating on just rolling his ankles.The main objective was to keep him centered and balanced over the ball. To quote from his book Golf My Way…”I recommend swinging without lifting your heels as the finest of all head steadying exercises”. What are your thoughts?


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