It’s my blog and I’ll brag if I want to.

“…you would brag too if it happened tooooooo yooooou!!!!”

Apologies to Lesley Gore. 🙂

The new website is great. So far I have students from Germany, Great Britain, Washington, North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado, New York, Tennessee, Florida and California. It’s an excellent way for me to give golf lessons to people across the earth.

Cleaning up some setup issues and receiving one swing thought to work on, really is the best way to get better long term.

I give a write up of these things, plus 2-5 videos around a minute long that illustrate what I am talking about visually.

I am going to assume that most of you who read the blog agree with most of what I say and my ideas of a simpler approach.

Working on one thing at a time also makes it easier for the student to maintain their own game without needing the teacher there to remind them of all the things on their checklist they need to remember.

That being said, my approach is going to have one of two affects for the users of the new website.

1. 6 months from now they are going to be having more fun, because they are thinking less, having a more simple natural approach, swinging better and shooting lower…and I bet their bodies will hurt less because with all of the above, less tension is produced.

2. Group #2 needs me even more. Group #2 is headed for higher scores, no fun, frustration, injury and probably quitting the game. Their approach is so intrusive, they are about to get worse with all of the complicated nonsense they are inflicting on themselves.

It’s as easy as handing your cell phone to the guy next to you on the range to take two 5-10 second videos. Text them to your email and load them on the site.

This sounds like an infomercial, but I honestly enjoy helping people with their golf games. The worst thing that will happen is I will change your approach and free your mind up to enjoy the game more.

More likely you will get that, plus all of the money your friends are willing to lose to you.




  1. SteelyDan

    That guy is right! My first lesson has already helped me quite a lot.

    Two questions, Monte.

    1) From a non-business viewpoint, when is it time to take the 2nd (3rd, 4th…) lesson? Is there a rule of thumb regarding e.g. hours of practice, no. of balls hit, no of buckets?

    2) Will you also provide customized videos to a particular student if necessary? The videos you linked for me were general, notwithstanding they helped. Just curious.



    • Monte Scheinblum

      1. No rule of thumb. Just whenever you feel it is right and you want to see the progress.

      2. I keep adding videos to the site..but yes, if a customized one is needed, I make one.

  2. Andrew

    Lesson was a tremendous help in correcting my faults. I was lucky in the past to get instructors who kept it simple for me, (setup, posture, simple swing thoughts). I had gotten away from that and got into some bad habits. Monte pointed out what I could not see. Now If I can just stop lifting the club with my friggin hands!!! Highly recommended

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Be patient. That’s the way to get better. Like most golfers, your swing isn’t as bad as the golf media has led you to believe.

  3. bobinpa

    I really want to do this but I want to make my video worth uploading. I don’t have an indoor net to hit into and it has been too cold these past few weeks to go to the range. My daughter even offered to be my cinematographer! Oh, and today we’re getting hit with a 12-18″ blizzard (with another one right behind it) so it will probably be a few weeks. Spreading the word for you, Monte. Already have a local friend interested.

  4. seveonsunday

    This site is great! Its so simple and easy to use! Monte your advice is dynamite! Who thought swinging a golf club should be easy or fun? Its universal and applies to everyone and most importantly its simple. Its so simple you won’t believe it works. I highly recommend this site to anyone that wants the straight dope on how to swing a golf club. I was wondering when its time for another lesson also…

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Thanks for the nice comment. I am going to do a post tomorrow on when to take another lesson.

  5. Christian

    I agree with everyone else. Practicing became a lot more fun when I took a lesson from Monte and he gave me one thing to focus on. It was pretty frustrating before when I was diagnosing all sorts of problems in my swing myself and trying to fix them all at once (which mostly resulting in a lot of shaking :-).

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Like I said in the post…reducing what you are thinking about frees you up to actually enjoy the game and that helps you shoot lower.

  6. carrera

    Why is it raining in Nor Cal every weekend? Was hoping to film some swings tomorrow but it is supposed to rain a lot. I guess I should be happy we probably won’t need to worry about rationing and surcharges this summer.

  7. golpher

    Just to make sure you haven’t underestimated your geographical reach, Monte, I’m sending you my videos from Manila, Philippines, tho’ my credit card and billing address say Colorado.

    I just got my first lesson after logging on after a Sunday round. Ready to get started tomorrow. Golf weather all the time here, except typhoons.

    I had never uploaded video from my Cybershot camera before, but it was a breeze.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Excellent. My roommate from college was from the Philippines. He’ll be happy to hear that.

  8. McRedmond Morelli


    nice post! You are 100% on target. My good friend, colleague and PGA pro of 40 years uses this metaphor when teaching….”feed them with a spoon not a steam shovel”! Looking forward to your success and more great pointers/tips and lessons!

    Your friend,



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