Is it Bump, Dump and Turn or is it Lead with the Right Elbow?

The answer is both. Some people have criticized me for thinking the swing is so complicated, I have over 100 videos and counting on the swing. If these people were paying any attention, they would see these videos cover about 3 or 4 things total and are just different ways of perceiving it.

So to the question of the title, which one is right?

Both. As the stills in the last post show, that gent bumped too hard and his arms never caught up. This is the issue that is happening among so many golfers. They see the bump that all good players do, they hear lead wit the lower body and have passive arms and the arms get left behind.

…but some people if they bump, don’t dump or turn…some people when they lead with the right elbow, shank…so the answer is neither…and on and on.

The object of a golf swing is to get all body parts on the same page…and I am blogging and producing videos hoping to help as many people as possible get that done.

I had a guy yesterday who understood what I was saying, agreed it was the problem, came up with the correct fix on his own, but had no concept on how to move his body in that way. It took several concepts before one made not only sense to his conscious brain, but also the subconscious lizard brain. Fingers crossed the last idea that was working at the end of the lesson, sticks.

I once said that if visualizing the intro to Baywatch gets the sequence down…then that’s what to do. The object of watching my videos is not to implement all of them, it’s to implement one of them.




  1. Joeunc

    I think most people need to feel the bump and dump happen at the same time so they don’t get stuck.

    More like a “Bump and Dump- Then Turn”

    good stuff Monte

  2. John Brown

    Great post Monte. I think I’ve watched all of your videos (that are available to me) multiple times. It is easy to get stuck between two thoughts that are trying to get us to the same place. I have found it best over time to take the one that works best for me and discard the rest. However, I will be looking for your next video just to see if there is a little something different……

  3. Peter R.

    I love your approach, the same basic 3-4 things stated a hundred ways because everyone visualizes and activates their own body differently. Most instructors say the same thing over and the student doesn’t always get it.

    It has to make sense to YOUR MIND or it won’t work.

    As a lifetime expert skier learning golf much later in life, golf is very backwards from skiing. I ski better than I walk and my instructor figured me out. We make the most progress with me when we can find a ski move that I can relate to do or to avoid that then makes the right things happen in my golf swing.

  4. Paul K

    It’s the right elbow for me. However that in part may have been from misunderstanding the dump.

    I think I implemented the dump as too vertical an action producing a steep shaft which is not what your video shows.

    The right elbow move – chasing the belly button – with a hinged right wrist gets the club on plane and I think I now understand the direction of the dump.

    An associated question Monte please.

    I saw some stills of a golf instructor and when the left arm was parellel to the target line (P6?) there was a lot of shaft bend. Thereafter there may have been power added by the turn but most of it seemed to be there already. The turn was delivering it as it were.

    I think that my impression was that the power came later so my dump was rather weak and passive.

    The question then is – if we assume that the backswing is correct does most of the power in the swing come from the start of the backswing to P6.

    Thank you.

  5. Dan

    The right elbow didn’t work for me…until late last year. The “feeling” that worked for me and got me hitting very solid shots was leading with the trail elbow but trying to get my trail elbow directly in front of the golf ball. When I would try to lead in the past I was coming too far inside and my body was stalled….if I try to come a little more over the top(while keeping my head back) I would clear my hips and my arms would swing more freely in front. It’s not perfect but I never had more consistent ball striking with this feeling.

  6. Nick

    Wait, so is your next instructional video going to include the intro to Baywatch?

  7. Parmark

    …The object of watching my videos is not to implement all of them, it’s to implement one of them…

    Now you tell me!!!

    J/k – good stuff! And the simpler explanation is sure to help those of us who think along the lines that if a little bit of medicine is a good thing – then ALOT will work even better! Doesn’t always seem to work that way for some reason.

  8. Michael C.

    I used to dump and developed the shanks. I had to start with my arms because my swing is long. Now, it’s only long with my driver.

    Now, I bump and my arms and hands are passive. I keep my head behind the ball. This cured my shanks several years ago. I believe my arms are trailing, though. My elbow doesn’t get in front of my hip only along side in transition. I’m a high ball hitter and my distance is decent. If I keep my head back and not forcing my arms it feels like the club is releasing instead of coming into impact leading with the hosel.

    I guess my question is this. Have I maybe found a way to make solid contact without proper sequencing? Could ‘I’ be bumping and my ‘lizard brain’ is dumping for me? I don’t have video right now. It’s 12 degrees here. lol.

  9. Don Lissen

    “If visualizing the intro to Baywatch gets the sequence down …then that’s what to do.”

    I rank this in your Top Ten all-time best posts. The human body is impossibly complex. Even if somebody consciously knew everything that is involved, they could never consciously micromanage their body in less than 2 seconds from takeaway to impact.

    But, if they don’t know much about it, they can learn to do it. But, that doesn’t mean that they can teach somebody else to do it. All they have is a model which might work for somebody else…or might not.

    Maybe the best golf quotation, Sam Snead: “It all has to work together.”

  10. Miles Hoover

    Monte, I’ve been “playing” golf for going on thirty years and spent all those years coming over the top. I could not understand how the club could possibly strike the ball on an arc. It was not until seeing your Bump, Dump, and Turn video did it make sense. The Bump and Dump positions club grip in front of the body with the grip pointing down the target line and then the body turns the club head on an arc to strike the ball. Do I have that correct?


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