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I got asked to design an iPhone app.

Basically the idea I have is you put in the problem you are having. I will give a brief description of some of the reasons that issue happens and then it will redirect you to 2-3 of the youtube cargoman videos to help with that issue

Looking for ideas and a list of golf issues that people will want solved.

Shanks, slices, tops, chunks, etc.

Also looking for original ideas that will make the app top notch…and how much would you pay for this app.

…and my book is done. A file will be available on my website as soon as the computer guys get the work done and it will also be available in hard copy.




  1. will

    Please include some tips on speeding up slow play. Also a reminder that the app is best used on the practice range, not while playing golf (playing with phone and holding up others). Thanks, Will

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Awesome thought…and I am not being sarcastic. Not only because it slows down play, but because doing this on course would be a disaster.

  2. s.

    “Shanks, slices, tops, chunks, etc.”

    Pulls, pushes, pull-hook, push-slice, deep divots, hitting behind the ball, falling off balance, chicken wing, over the top, grip breaking down, deceleration, backswing too long, no follow-through, whiff, lower body out of sync….

  3. Mike Z

    Your app, frankly, must be free. Think of whatever development costs you are paying as a marketing expense to drive traffic to your site and hopefully enroll new students in your awesome video lesson service. The goal for you should be to use the app to help golfers discover your site and convert them into students, instead of earn money on the app.

    There is some publicly available research that demonstrates the free apps are far more frequently downloaded and used, so this is your best option to generate traffic.

      • Mike Z

        Also keep in mind that if you decide to charge for the app, Apple is going to take 30% as a commission.

  4. Steve Bishop

    Sounds great Monte.

    I suggest categorizing by

    Off Center Contact (Includes toes, shanks, thin, and fat shots)
    Pull hooks
    Push Slice
    Short game

  5. Peter B

    Download Golfscape (my request btw) and golfshot so you see what a good golf app is. I helped design EZGPS but I quit helping when the programmer went golfing instead of writing his software.
    I can not imagine a golfsoftware that is needed honestly.
    Well there is something I would pay 10 bucks for. It’s a training program that helps you get better in shortgame that you suck so much in. Yes I am talking to you. Like the app 200 squats, or 100 pushups
    Get a pupil and do your program with him, if it works show me, I ll buy!

  6. wally

    here is an app, “this phone will self-distruct it I try to use it on a Golf Course or driving range

  7. seveonsunday

    It might be cool if you had something to help on the course with shots. I’m not sure how you can select the correct scenario quickly and easily then make it accurate for any hole on any course for any golfer. Something like that I guess would be somethign I would look for in an app. Something like that might also slow play down to a snails pace though. On a side note I think something that might sell a lot would be something that would “cure your slice and add 15… no wait 30 yards to your drive.. pain free!” might be a good idea to cater to both crowds just for profitablity as long as they get sound advice as well.

  8. Lawrence (parteeboy)

    Glad you’re thinking about doing an iPhone app. You might want to pattern your app after iGolfrules (http://www.igolfrules.com/index_E.html). Instead of rules you would have your tips that answer a particular problem/concern. Very intuitive and easy to use interface.

    Peter B is also correct in suggesting that you look at Golfshot (Golfshot GPS) and Golfscape as well written iPhone applications.


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