Inside the ropes at the Wells Fargo




  1. Jake G

    Great thread Monte. I enjoyed the read. Is McIlroy firing his hips too fast and getting stuck or what seems to be his issue? I know he missed a bunch of putts

  2. Jordan

    Great thread, especially the parts about scoring, perfect example Justin Rose on 18 saturday, snaps one into the creek off the tee, drops then hits one to 15 ft and makes the put for par. The golfing public has no chance to do this because we would never be able to forget that first shot. One of the hardest things to realize about this game is how good making a bogey can feel if you hit one OB off the tee or par after a water shot. I was guilty of this myself this weekend, 1 over going into 18 and hit into a fairway bunker. When i get to the ball i realize there is a tree planted 10 feet in front of said bunker and now i’m pissed (who the hell plants a tree in front of fairway bunkers) So instead of just playing out sideways to wedge range I try the Phil Mickelson miracle shot, hit the tree and now I have to play out sideways. Wedge onto green and three put for triple, one shot blew all concentration and momentum I built throughout the round and turned a good round into an average round in one hole. Lesson hopefully learned. BTW I am now on a Phil free watching moratorium his stupid decisions seam to leak into my game.

  3. Tony

    Your observations about the pro swings are a treat to read. Would love to see more content in this regard. Any chance you do some swing analysis of tour players on your youtube channel?


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