In Florida helping Frank with Q-school

(Sorry for the unusual amount of typos lately. Have done several of these posts from my phone. Autocorrect and just plain not enough time to proofread has made me worse than usual)

He’s looking good. Just needs to free himself up mentally.

My stomach is all in nots as 2nd stage of Q-school was Moby Dick, Shangri La and Charles Whitman all rolled into one.

It was the place my career went to die. Had I been able to make through that stage even once, my career would have been a whole different story.

I am keeping those ugly thoughts away from Frank.

He already knows this. If you make it through 2nd stage, you will have at least conditional status on the Hogan/Nike/ Tour, even if you throw 6 rounds in the 80’s at finals.

So basically, one decent tournament and you get in the rest of the year after the next reshuffle.

Had I made it through 2nd stage in any year between 1992-1996, my finishes early in the year would have gotten me into at least 24-25 events. Because I never did that, I never played more than 13.

If Frank makes it this week, I can honestly say that will exorcize the demons I still have to this day.




  1. Brett

    Good luck, Frank (and Monte).

  2. Mike Divot

    Go Frank! and Go Monte!


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