I was thinking about readers who live in the cold.

I live in Southern California where we basically have 365 days of golf weather…aside from the occasional storm like we are having now.

Many of the people who read this blog are in the snow right now.

This is going to sound self-serving, but that is not my intention. Actually it is my intention. As corny as it may sound, I really enjoy helping people with their swings and making the game more enjoyable…and if I can make a few dollars doing it and not have to get a real job…all the better. It gives me more time to spend with my family and all of you.

It dawned on me that this is the perfect time for you to work on your golf game. I have heard so many complaints from golfers in cold weather areas about how the long winter layoff ruins their feel and by the time they get it back, it is winter again.

Since my lessons are about changing feel, priority and perception in your swing, versus micro managing mechanics, this may be the perfect time for us to work on things and have less interference from old bad habits.

I do not need a perfect swing at a golf ball on the range on a 90 degree day. All I need are swings at an object that is the size of a ball.

Some people have those mats with a golf ball that spins around on a post that is attached to the mat…some have those foam balls that even if they hit someone in the face, it will not hurt them. You could even wrap some tape around a crumpled up piece of paper and create your own ball.

The only important thing is you are swinging at something and not making a practice swing (which tells us almost nothing).

If you have some videos that you took just before it got cold…even better. We can see what some of your old bad habits are that are getting in your way, and fix one or two of those before you play again.

At the very least it will keep your feel from getting completely stale. At best you will arrive at your first round after the spring thaw with a new approach that is much easier…before you have a chance to relearn you old way an be forced to fight through that.

Make sure you stretch and warm up slowly. You have not hit balls in a while and your body is cold and the weather is cold. Actually, even if you don’t take any lessons from me…you should be doing this anyway all winter to prepare your body for when you start playing again.




  1. Kirk

    I definitely need to take some video and get it to you. I’m interested to see what I really need to be working on (and not just what I THINK I need to be working on).

    Just a quick question for you: Do you believe that the same swing should apply to each club? Or, do you believe that different clubs (short irons vs driver), aside from minor set up changes, require different swings? I ask because I’ve struggled most with the driver as of late, and am wondering if my videos ought to all be with driver — or, if irons video would show you the same problems that are just exaggerated with the added length of the driver.

    …Or, are you looking for videos with both?

    Thanks, Monte!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I believe the change in swings will be mostly dictated by the length of club and setup. It is my experience that the more the swings feel similar, the more consistent I was through the bag. The bigger the difference the swings felt, the worse I was.

      If you are struggling with the driver, that is the video you should send.


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