I made a mistake this morning

I saw something in Frank’s setup I thought could be troublesome and I didn’t say anything.

It being my first PGA tour event as an official guru, I took an only speak when spoken to approach. He was hitting it well on the range, so I didn’t tell him that his hips were a little too far under him at address and it made him turn too level through the ball. Well, he spent the day hitting driver 10 yards left of the fairway. It was the difference between the 73 he shot and probably 69-70.

We talked about me speaking up in that situation in the future.

We had a great practice session after and he feels much better. The good news is he played awful and didn’t shoot himself out of the tournament.




  1. Matt A

    That’s a tough call Monte. I’m no swing guru but I’ve played long enough with a buddy of mine to know when he’s got a swing flaw…it’s a tough call – do I say something and if I do will it help or hurt him worse.

  2. woody

    No, you did right. You don’t want to re-tool a swing just before an event. Save the mechanics for later.

    You’d be better off asking questions. How did that swing feel? Do you want to try settling into your legs a bit more?

    Give him a chance to decline the swing-crack. If anything, suggest a “feel” adjustment, not mechanics.

  3. Jason

    I’ll go the other way. He wanted you there for a reason. Remember when you last pointed out something to him and he hit it better right away? Use the same approach. Last thing you want is for him to be mad because you didn’t tell him.


    • woody

      Then, there’s the Monty saying that changes take time and results don’t happen immediately. Who gets blamed if some swing-crack gets implanted at the last minute, is distracting, and doesn’t work?

      Frank shot the same as Zach Johnson. Is that bad?

      Monty’s a one-man team…maybe a mental coach too. Maybe just before comopeting Frank could use encouragement more than swing-crack…more checking alignment and ball position….

  4. Jason

    All true Woody. It does take time, but a simple feel came remove 14 issues at once as Monte has done. Then the hard work begins to resolve the matter in the long term.


  5. Christian

    I think we also have to make a distinction between swing crack and a minor setup adjustment. At least for me setup adjustments aren’t going to mess with my head as much as, say, trying to maintain extensor action at p3… Still a tough call right before a competitive round. I guess it’s just one of the challenges of being a good coach.


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