I have passed out at the golf course twice.

The first time was at the National Long Drive championships in 1996. I had the flu and a 103 temperature and it was in Vegas in September and about 110 degrees.

It was a double elimination and I made it through the first two rounds with no problem. Round three if I won the group, I would go directly to the finals at night when it was cooler. If I didn’t win, I would have to go to the losers bracket, warm up and hit again in the 110 degree heat.

I hit a pretty good shot and was leading till the last hitter came up. Bobby Wilson who was one of the most consistent long drivers of all time hit the fairway with his first five balls, all short of my drive. His sixth and final drive went past me by just over a foot in the neighborhood of 360 yards.

I was miserable because I knew I had to comeback and hit again and I did not feel well.

I don’t remember what happened next, but was told I missed the fairway six straight times, took three steps off the tee and passed out. The next thing I remember was being in the emergency room. Apparently, the ambulance pulled up right next to the grandstand to cart me away.

Pass out story #2 will come later and that is a lot funnier because it was during a Nationwide event, while hungover. Which is funny, because I don’t drink.



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