I have hope for golf

My wife works for Southwest and I am so proud of her employer…and more so, of Ben Crenshaw and Pinehurst.

In this month’s airline magazine there was an article on how the makeover at Pinehurst stinks of nouveau golf beautification…and gives me hope that in the cycle of life, golf cycles to a more purist state while integrating some modern innovation.

It also talks of the restoration back to the Donald Ross masterpiece and Ben Crenshaw is in charge. They couldn’t have made a better choice. While most tour players have bought into these new monstrosities that resemble miniature golf courses, he embraces tradition…and by default…quality golf course architecture.

While most modern courses provoke me into a reverse peristalsis and send the likes of Ross, Macenzie and Tillinghaust spinning in their graves, Crenshaw is at the forefront of embracing the new, yet blending it with the old.

I am trying to do the same with instruction.

Here is the article…enjoy, it’s a must read. It includes acquisition of U2 spy plane photos by the design team.

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  1. woody

    Sounds like it’s easy to go overboard in both directions. Sandy areas and hardpan could mean erosion, and elimination of Bermuda grass might mean more Roundup and maintenance, not less. Easier for pine seedlings and underbrush to establish themselves? Is Bermuda good at naturally choking-out weeds?

    And, when the pythons work their way up there, it might be easier to see them coming on the Bermuda than in the new rough.

  2. chad

    more importantly, where are you eating dinner with Frank tonight?

  3. hank

    Monte, have you been out to Bandon Dunes resort yet? I consider it the best golf resort in the world.

  4. Christian

    Neat article. Thanks for posting. Now I really want to go down there and play it…


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