I have found the best course of action to wreck my golf game…and spend my two babies’ college money at the same time.

(Rant today, info tomorrow 😀 )

(I am through worrying about offending people who don’t like me anyway.)

I am going to give Tiger a break today and am going to rant about Leadbetter instead. What many of you don’t realize is readers send me links and info to provoke my ire and I fall for it hook, line and sinker. Today’s post is a result of two links I was sent.

The first link would only cost me $10,000. Just read the very first “lucky 13” words.


COMPLETE MAKEOVER!!?!?!?!?!!!?!???!?!?!?!

I honestly hope that is a poor choice of words.

First off, no one at any skill level needs a complete makeover. Unless you count the complete makeover you will need back to your old game after having “The David Leadbetter Experience.”

Second, how in the (expletive deleted) can you completely makeover someone’s game in one day? Tiger and other Tour players have admitted it takes 18 months or more to make a swing change. How long would it take a mid level amateur to have a complete makeover of his whole game?…one day apparently.

Goodness gracious sakes alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For a mere $3,000, the second link sounds like fun too. In the same way having your walnuts cracked with a ball-peen hammer sounds like fun.


A mental efficiency trainer? Is this some young hottie dressed in a cheerleader outfit promising to spank you if you don’t hit your target goals?

No wonder no one gets better when working with Leadbetter. That’s not poor instruction, that’s a poor motivational approach.

I want to know what the over/under for what I would shoot after attending and implementing everything I learned at either one of these banging your head against the wall debacles.

I am putting the number at 85…as long as the course was easy, I got to play the white tees, everything inside 5 feet was a gimmie and I got to buy three mulligan tickets from the Hooters girl acting as a host in the pro shop. Oh yea, penalty strokes don’t count, Judge Smealls foot wedges allowed, free drops from all sand traps and I get to quit on 15 if it looks like I won’t hit the number. Kind of sounds like the Haney Project rules…or one of my tournament rounds 2004-2008.

Speaking of over/under, I set the number of hate emails and negative blog comments from Leadbetter licensed proteges at 12…and none of them with a sense of humor.

This blog is about what is wrong with golf and how to make it as simple as possible and more fun…so I feel the need to call out this kind of nonsense that is the epitome of everything that is wrong with golf instruction.

I wonder if these packages include 6 sessions to a chiropractor and a case of Fleet Enemas?

Probably just the $10,000 package. The $3,000 package comes with a prescription of Prozak and a $3 off coupon for Advil at Costco.




  1. rojoass

    Bravo Monte.

    I wonder how much business they get? Ya know just over half the people are idiots so they may do well.
    Parting gift could be a Stupid sign.

  2. s.

    I could have used a complete makeover, for more years than I care to admit.

    But, it wouldn’t have had anything to do with how I looked, just what I was trying to do. And, it only would have taken about five minutes…leaving me the rest of the day to cavort with the Hooters girls, French maids, or whatever else Ledbetter had going on that day.

    Maybe I saved myself 10 grand by reading this column. “Everything turns together.” That rescued me from lower-body Hell. Maybe the lower-body does move first, but only based on anticipation of what you’re trying to do. But, if you’re not trying to do what it is supposed to be balancing against, it won’t work. And, forcing anything ruins the timing.

    The check’s in the mail.

  3. Calvin D

    Really funny and really sad.

    For $10,000 they could spend a month at Pinehurst. What a tough choice!

  4. wuz

    Jumpin’ JC Monte! You just don’t get it.
    This stuff is for the successful doofuses who can say “I CAN AFFORD TO THROW AWAY
    Kind of like taking your stupid mutt to a doggie psychiatrist and shelling out a few grand
    for that sort of ripoff.

  5. Wally

    People like leadbetter, get rich because the wealthy believe that they can buy anything, even a good golf swing. The sad truth is that it takes many long of practice to learn any skill. Ask any electrician, plumer, stone mason, carpenter, doctor. So I ask why should lerning to play golf be any different? If people would only stop trying to hit the golf ball, learn what their natural swing path is, place the ball in the center of the swing path, then swing the club they will have better luck, and maybe after about 2000 hours of practice they might get it. as for leadbetter let him soak the rich, they deserve it.

  6. Husker

    A suggestion – get over your need to rant about the likes of Leadbetter, Kostis, Haney, etc. They are irrelevant.

    I would much rather read your in your blog about your experience/theories about playing the game.

    Remember – you never make yourself look good when you attempt to make others look bad.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I know you are right, but I am reliving the frustration that led me down the wrong path in my career.

      I am doing it for entertainment purposes, as well. 😀

      • rojoass

        I’m one that finds it entertaining. I also find the experiences & instruction entertaining.
        No need to worry about “making them look bad”. They have already met that criteria.

        CQ was bragging just today that his “new” site has 9000 members & counting. Well at $15 a month WTH is he still giving lessons on the junk range?

        My butt!!!

      • Westy

        How big does your ego have to be to charge people $10,000 to be in your presence for one day? The only person I would think about dropping that kind of cash to spend a day with would be Heidi Klum and even then you would have to throw in a fist full of Viagra. Put me in the camp that enjoys the rants, besides if you’re going to tout yourself as the World’s number 1 golf instructor you have to expect some criticism. $10,000 a day! Where’s my Kaiser blade MmmHmmm.

  7. Michael

    Charging ten grand is just to keep him from not having to do it so he can spend his time with touring players. The logic is, if you’re that bat s.
    hit stupid to pay ten grand and keep me away from my actual paying clients, well sure I’ll teach you.

    Side note: That three grand cheerleader Hooters girl idea sounds like a great deal. Where is that one?

  8. Wally

    Charging whatever the market will bear is just good business

  9. Wally

    if his customer base continues to grow then he is charging the right price

  10. carrera

    I think the mental efficiency guy was the same guy in Tom Coyne’s book from a few years ago…the book where he set a goal to go from high single digit handicap to Q-School within a year. A decent read.

  11. Dion

    I won a competition last weekend and the prize was a one-day mini-school at a Leadbetter Academy. Considering I played well to win I may defer taking it up. However, I’m interested in why you made a reference to needing a chiropractor. Is there something they advocate that would be inadvisable to follow from an injury point of view?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Just a general statement that when you force unnatural movements it hurts your body.


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