I have decided that golfers need to understand this phrase.

“Can’t see the forest for the trees.”

If you understand what I mean and agree, you are on your way to better golf. If you don’t understand, google the phrase and you will.

If you don’t agree, then the books of David Leadbetter, Hank Haney and/or The Dave Pelz Short Game and Putting Bibles can be purchased at any major book store. 🙂

Isn’t that a bit arrogant and blasphemous to call your book about golf a Bible? Wait, I forgot who I was talking about 😮




  1. radioman

    Right on, Monte,

    One thing that all swing methods/ideaologies have
    in common, is the “G- Factor”
    G-factor meaning GOBLYGOOK.
    If you’re selling swing methods and advice,
    you need to have enough goblygook involved to
    act as an escape clause.
    If the swing theory I paid 150 bucks for, in
    three easy payments of 50 dollars, plus S&H —
    doesn’t work, Then it must be my fault, because
    I’m not doing the goblygook properly.

  2. morganmonroe

    The more I read about golf methods, the worse I play. My hdcp went from about 6.2 to 8.8 awhile back because of it. Monte’s posts and videos have reminded me to quit letting so many people inject their swing thoughts in my head. I play more relaxed and ‘feel’ what I need to do. Hdcp went back to about 7.1 and I’ve been playing better. People have to produce ‘systems’ to make a living. Fine. Whatever. Doesn’t work for me, though. Monte reminds me of me. A simple man with a simple message.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I guess that’s better than a simpleton with a complicated message. 🙂

      • Peter Balogh

        I guess simple is uncomplicated in the context 🙂


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