How to hit the golf ball farther

Learn to hit it solid then you have built a swing to hit it far. Now you can practice and learn to speed up your golf swing, be in control and hit the ball farther.

In order to create more speed, you need to have a swing that allows the speed to happen

You don’t swing harder to hit the ball farther. You don’t contort your body into funny angles to create false leverage and speed.

You create an efficient swing that hits the ball solid, then you try and speed up your rotation because your body will be able to do it.

Your arms need room to swing. If they don’t, no amount of lag, forward shaft lean or widening the arc will help you.

Actually, forcing those things to happen will reduce the room for your arms to swing and reduce speed.

One last thing… Standing farther away won’t necessarily create room for your arms to swing. Actually, it can reduce the room.

Proper posture for you, rotation, tilt behind the ball and no forced action is what creates room.

BTW-Center hits at lower speeds hit the ball farther than off center hits at higher speeds.




  1. Ron

    Interesting “Standing farther away won’t necessarily create room for your arms to swing. Actually, it can reduce the room.”

    I don’t understand this concept.

    I do understand that arms being too close or too far from the body will cause balance problems thus swing manipulations and loss of distance.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      If you are too far away, the path will either be to in to out and/or your body will thrust/dive at the ball.

      Both of those things cut off the room for the arms to speed up and rotate around the body properly.

      • Ron

        Thanks. I understand.

  2. woody

    “You create an efficient swing that hits the ball solid, then you try and speed up your rotation because your body will be able to do it.”

    –Until you came up with “sync,” I couldn’t quite figure out rotation. Mike Maves talked about the navel/torso, Tony Jacklin talked about the center of the body, Jay Haas said belt buckle, Faldo said navel…

    But, trying to rotate just with your abs has the same problem as trying to drag a swing around with your shoulders…legs & butt have a lot of weight & resistance. You have to move that resistance and contribute to the rotation. And, doing it the right way lets the muscles in your back contribute too, without even thinking about it.

    Trying to speed up rotation without “sync” is like trying to spin a quarter on a table with just your thumb, instead of with thumb & forefinger.

    P.S. Now that I’m doing it right, I find myself using my left shoulder as real-time feedback.

  3. HoldTheLag

    Amen Monte. I am at this point in my golf journey right now, so this post holds special significance for me.

  4. cdnmike

    Monte, I’m going to have to disagree with you a little. At the start of your posts you should maybe indicate the type of person you are writing to. Your post suggests that if you hit it solid and swing the way you do naturally you will be able to hit the ball far. That is just not true for some people. I was born with the ability to hit it far… golf, baseball, throwing, hockey.. and I know you were too. But that power motion does not come naturally to some people.

    I perfect example is my wife. She has a beautiful swing and hits it solid but is seriously lacking power. Your right that swinging hard will not help with power because that will cause her to mis-hit it. What she needs is actual instruction on how to improve her length.

    You’re right that some people (you and I) just need to get out of our own way and hit is solid for length but some people need actual instruction as to things they can do to improve length. Unfortunately, I think length is the hardest thing to teach.

    At the start of your post I would have wrote…

    For those of you who have the ability to hit/throw it far in other sports:

    Of course, I could have missed the point of your post since I tend to do that sometimes.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      You are talking about being maxed out. What I am saying is you can’t reach your max out potential by doing some funky “power move.” You have to first create a swing that consistently hits the ball solid, before you are in position to move toward that max out potential for you.

      • cdnmike

        First line: “Learn to hit it solid then you have built a swing to hit it far”

        What I am saying though is that a lot of people hit the ball solid but don’t hit it far. What would your instruction be for that situation?

        • Monte Scheinblum

          I knew what you were saying. I am saying those people are likely maxed out or close to it. If they are hitting it solid and rotating as fast as they can, they are close to they maximum distance and what will help them hit it farther is going to be small, individual adjustments.

          More tilt at impact, better fitness, better club fit, slightly different ball position…etc.

      • cdnmike

        That’s is what I disagree with Monte. I can’t accept the fact that you can’t teach power to a certain extent. I will agree that it is difficult to teach power but not impossible.

        From what I see, my wife doesn’t hit it far because her hips rotate on that downswing at the same speed as her arms and she doesn’t get the pull out of her left lat and mid section.

        She is in great shape. I do think there is a way to teach her that motion to get more distance.

        To be honest with you, as a pro, if you tell a client that their 175-190 yard drive is all they can expect to achieve, you’ll haev fewer clients.

        I know, i know… “I’m not going to peddle ‘swing crack’ just to get clients.” But going after distance isn’t neccesarily pedaling swing crack.

        • Monte Scheinblum

          You are not disagreeing with me at all. You are making my point.

          My point is to say you hit the ball farther by making your swing better and more efficient. This will allow you to create more speed…not by contorting your body into strange positions that some long hitting pro does.

  5. Brian

    Monte, have you been on Trackman lately? I’m curious as to what your specs are in terms on AoA, SS, ball speed, spin, launch, path etc. with your regular driver.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I have not. I am going to in the next few months…or weeks.

  6. Calvin

    Don’t see how this can help me. I can’t fly by flapping my arms real hard. First I need to learn to get off the ground and then I can learn to fly.

    As to cdmike, I could always throw the hell out of balls but have never been a long driver. From personal experience pitchers can’t hit for beans. I doubt if shot putters can either.

  7. woody

    “I could always throw the hell out of balls but have never been a long driver.”

    –I’ll bet that that you have to use your body to throw the hell out of balls. Not saying that everybody can be a long driver, but if you’re physically fit, the key pieces seem to be loading & winding-up, and releasing energy efficiently.

    Faldo says it’s like skipping a stone, so if you live near water with flat beach stones, you should be doing this rather than throwing balls.

    • cdnmike

      I agree Woody. Normally if you can throw a ball a long ways your are opening up your hips to the target while your arm is still at the beginning of the forward throwing motion…. same with hitting a baseball, hockey puck, golf ball.

      Calvin, I’m not saying everyone that can throw far can hit a ball far, but if you can throw far you have the motion already and, as Monty says, you just have to work on an effective swing and hit the ball solid.

      As an example… I can throw a football 50 yards and I can hit a driver 280-300.

      • cdnmike

        ….. a CFL football 50 yards… never tried to through an NFL ball.

        FYI – not a CFL fan but am a huge NFL fan.

      • Calvin

        OK so I’m limited by age (71) but I remember practicing hail mary’s in 1958 standing on the fifty yard line and throwing well into the end zone. Now a great drive for me is 225-230. I can still sling a football underhanded 30 yards playing with grandson but I don’t see a way to translate it to golf. I was watching a kid at the range who seemed to be just floating thru wedges that flew 130 or more. I think maybe you can learn the knack but you can’t teach it.

      • cdnmike

        I bet your younger self that could throw the ball 50+ yards could hit it close to 300 though.

        Do you hit a baseball a long ways?

  8. Wally

    Monte gives sound advise, and all you nimrods have to add something, that’s why you suck at golf.

  9. Wally

    Luv ya too


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