Hitting irons well and woods poorly?

An under rated concept is people have an inherent nature to want to hit down on irons…and up on woods and driver.

When you hit up on purpose the shoulder turn becomes more vertical and it is easier to lose left side connection and get really stuck under the plane with an open club face. Fairway woods are harder to hit because driver is teed up and makes it easier.

So you can attack this from several different directions. The one that seems the easiest to your feel and brain.

You can visualize not hitting up on it so much, try and level out your shoulder turn, or work on keeping your left arm connected better coming into impact…or anything else that makes some sense to you along these lines.

Remember this important concept. Angle of attack is dictated by length of club (distance from ball) and ball position, not ever changing swings and swing thoughts for each club.




  1. Calvin


  2. meateater

    Monte, what is the difference in your clubhead speed for 5 iron and driver? I would guess for most players it is around 15-20 MPH. I am in a slump with my driver and can’t get the difference much over 10. Any ideas?


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