Here is a drill that helps the hands set properly




  1. GoatHumper

    Saw vijay on the range on tv yesterday with a Gatorade bottle about equal to his right heel and about 4-5 inches up his driver shaft. Clearly doesn’t want to swing in to out and wants to hit a cut. My biggest problem too, although I’m an 8 and suck and he’s vijay friggen Singh. Nonetheless, for those who goat hump and EE and flip hands over and hook it or block it, I hit 50 drivers today using this Gatorade bottle helper and only hit 2 hooks, 48 straight or cuts. Felt like a different guy. Monte the thoughts and videos on flat shoulders on the downswing helped a ton as well as bump dump and turn. Were my only swing thoughts Wondering what u think of the Gatorade bottle idea, worked for me. Hadn’t hit that mant non draw or hooks on the range in literally years. Hope to change my handle soon if this keeps up. Let’s not go crazy yet tho but good start. I’m sure I still have a thing for goats at times but hoping to move on.

    • woody

      Flat shoulders on the downswing…oh, well, whatever works.

      If you were Ernie Els and you could freeze yourself at impact, what would you see?

      If the world stood still, if you glanced at your left shoulder, it would appear rather flat or level. But, if you glanced at your right shoulder, it would be low, low, low.

      It doesn’t mean that you should have a “vertical shoulder turn.” What it suggests to me is that there is no such thing as shoulder-turn.

      If you wanted to do this with another standard Tour swing, we could try Adam Scott from a different angle.

      If these things mean “level shoulder turn” to you, and if it works…go for it. I could show you pictures like this all day long.

    • rojoass

      My 2 cents……Gatorade bottle is much better than hittin the Swingcrack.

      Go for it ! But then you didn’t ask me……although I am an expert in that area.

      And if you guys can’t take a joke… no more…….

    • Joe

      I’m having trouble picturing this drill….what do you mean up the driver shaft?

  2. GoatHumper

    I guess I misspoke – I mean it “feels” flat and I’m not throwing my back shoulder down and into my hip – im trying to swing “around” my spine. Feels flat to me is what I should have written. The bottle sits at ur right heel and 5 or so inches up the driver shaft as u address the ball. If u hit it on ur downswing u came too far from the inside. Promotes an OTT feeling, but for me its not, cuz I came so far from the inside. Or I usually do. Not a drill for slicers I wouldn’t think.

  3. GoatHumper

    Vertical feeling backswing, flat feeling downswing.


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