Hank Haney’s Book

For those of you who had no idea what yesterday’s post was about, Hank thought Tiger was was rude for getting a Popsicle for himself and not offering Hank one.

He went on to say he was scared to ask for one or go get one himself.

Incidentally, Haney sent an email to every PGA tour player offering them an autographed copy of his book…at cost.




  1. calvin

    A friend gave me the book. An extreme waste of reading time. Couldn’t find anything or anyone in it including the writer that could be liked much less admired. Everything about it was tasteless, whiny and self indulgent.

  2. Qtlaw88

    I despise Tiger as a person but Haney, you’re a grown man who knows what he’s getting into. He got to be known as “the” golf coach and a TV show. Quit complaining.


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