(Guest Column #4) Modern Golf Course Design

(I promise I didn’t write this)

From Mark

Just a few days ago, I came across an episode of Donald Trump’s “Fabulous World of Golf”. Donald and his golf course design crew were in Aberdeen, Scotland, working on his next design. Apparently, Donald has the land and blueprints to create the “greatest golf course in the world”. As I watched, I became more and more furious with each word that came out of Donald’s mouth. Trump claimed that he has the most sacred golf land in the world, let alone just Scotland. He said that the course, when it opens, will be compared to St. Andrews and all the other great links courses in the world. And that is not even the worst of it. After that, he said that if anybody refuses to acknowledge the fact that his golf course is the greatest, they are lying to everyone, including themselves. To be honest, I have never heard of or seen a more ignorant, egotistical, d-bag my life.

It is of my beliefs that Donald Trump epitomizes the issue with modern golf course design. By today’s standards, there is only one way to build a golf course: include water hazards on 15 of 18 holes, build it on the side of a mountain and call it “links-style”, bury pickup trucks beneath the greens, include windmills and clown-mouths on at least four holes, and make up a bunch of awards claiming how great the place is. If golf course architects were more concerned with building a quality golf course than designing something nobody has ever seen before, I believe golf would be better and more enjoyable for all.




  1. Wally

    Poor Mr. Trump just does not get it and he never will. He reminds me of the school bully.

  2. rojoass

    Donald doesn’t bother me. I simply ignore him. Chances are I will not have dinner with Donald or play his courses.

    He does keep some nice lookin gals nearby though.


  3. s.

    Apparently, Trump has some game and likes golf. So, he’s got that going for him. Waterfalls are okay, if they look natural and fit the terrain.

    The one that bothered me was the course (near D.C.?) where there was a majestic old white oak tree. Trump pretended to want to save the oak, but then…nah, it’s gotta go. Just for a tee location? In the middle of the fairway, okay, but not for a tee location.

  4. Calvin D

    The P. T. Barnum of our day. Donald presents Gary Busey and Meat Loaf as prospective employees on his TV show. Now he has a pristine stretch of Aberdeen seaside in his sights. Does he call it Aberdeen Golf course? No, it has to have Trump International as a label. I don’t know who the designer is but I truly hope that the Scots can outsmart whoever it is. Did you see that land? My God, it may become a neon nightmare.

  5. Michael

    His courses are expensive to play. Personally I’d rather spend the money on a course I know is good than to take the chance and be wrong and much poorer.

    That being said, Pete Dye and Tom Fazio are two of the biggest dicks in in course design. Dye all around, and Fazio around the greens

    • Calvin D

      That’s good. Fazio and Dye are really good, especially Fazio. I wonder if the Donald will let them design?

  6. scotty

    donny casino`s background doesn`t translate to golf course design. Donny, $$$$ don`t make a golf course great. Great courses make golf.


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