Golfers and many instrcutors don’t understand context.

I’ve had 5 or 6 people come to me for a lesson where there left heel came off the ground so much, they barely had their big toe touching the ground. It was unanimous. “Nicklaus did that for power.”

I agree you shouldn’t actively keep the front heel down as it can restrict hip turn in the backswing. The heel will often lift and replant as a result of a nice free hip turn. However, every one of these gents had little backswing hip turn as result restricting hip turn for maximum X-factor.

Can you picture me face palming? Can you picture how awkward that move looked? How could they see themselves swing and not know it’s wrong?

I had a fairly well known instructor basically call me an idiot because I said someone’s swing had their lower body leading out too early. According to his facts (his word usage), the lower body leads a proper kinematic sequence and my preference (his word) to have a more arm dominated swing was not correct.

I left it alone because he wouldn’t have understood the answer. Of course the lower body leads in a good swing sequence…but this cliche mired sycophant was being just as ignorant as the heel lifters above.

Let’s say in a properly sequenced transition, the hips move .03-.05 of a second before the right elbow starts. Wouldn’t it be common sense that if that time gap was .1 of a second…something might be afoul?

“No, the lower body leads and Jim Furyk starts his hips before his backswing is even done.

Ah, the old find one tour player gets away with it, so that makes it OK defense.

This leads me to today’s tip. Connection does not mean your right elbow and entire triceps needs to be glued to your side at the top. That is EXTREMELY problematic for over 90% of golfers. As long as you are connected in the upper arm pit, you’re connected.

Matt Kuchar notwithstanding, being connected all the way down to the elbow causes over rotating, reverse tilt, loss of power and looking like a spaz for most people. For those that want to use Kuchar, he is 6-4 and hits it short. I could point to Bubba on the other extreme and say that’s what you need to do because he is the longest on tour…and Nicklaus has a flying elbow and he has the most majors, but then I’d be losing context like so many of the keyboard warriors who pronounce optimum ways of doing things that would only make Henry the 8th proud.

The answer is where most good players fall…in between the two extremes, like nearly every other movement in the golf swing. There is a fine middle ground between death gripping the club and an open toothpaste tube or injured bird.

So I say, cast out ye swing movements of fascist and communist order and find a middle ground of success.




  1. Jb

    KEYBOARD WARRIORS!!!!!! Great post Monte- specific but hilarious…and true

  2. Todd Heugly

    Great post!!!

  3. Andrew in Belgium

    Great post Monte. I like your comment about grip pressure as I have always been led to believe that the lighter the grip pressure the better. Only recently have I been trying to hold the club a bit firmer and it makes keeping things in sync so much easier. No more floppy club heads for me!

  4. Calvin

    My favorite golf tip of all time?

    “Keep your arms attached to your body.” 🙂


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