Golf swing misconception #38,127. Hanging back.

Hanging back.

People solve this the wrong way and get their upper body in front of the ball and lose all their tilt, have no room for the arms to swing, lose power and the result is a cast…then they hold the lag…then they quit golf.

Hanging back has nothing to do with the upper body…you want the upper body to “hang back.”

Hanging back is all about the lower body and not shifting the weight to the front side to initiate the downswing.




  1. Jabrch (Jason)

    @Monte – need a bit of help to understand your point on this one. Got a video?

    • Burke

      Funny, almost looks like the letter “k” doesn’t it:)

  2. Brian

    This one cost me four months of good golf a few years back.

  3. luck box

    So the upper body s quiet in the transition but the lower body starts the transition by moving towards the target?


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