Frank won the qualifier

Yesterday Frank shot a 6 under par 64 (only bogey was a 3 putt on 9) to be the low qualifier for the event in Texas this week.

I know it’s only a small success for a two time PGA Tour winner, but he needed a confidence boost. He has been executing very well as of late, but it hadn’t transferred to the scoreboard. I am hoping this is a stepping stone to him getting his game back. He has the physical part back, now the mental needs to follow.

There is one other factor I changed at his request. If he has a big success, our two names will be plastered across the golf media as it will turn something upside down.

Can’t tell you what it is yet, but it’s pretty big. Nothing nefarious or illegal…just a huge misnomer of “new golf” will be taken down…and hard.




  1. calvin

    What the hay is “new golf”?

    I think that’s huge for Frank. Time for those glazed over Sunday eyes.
    The mental part is “just” entering the zone. Congrats.

    • woody

      Well, it can’t be swing-plane because that’s been plaguing people since Hogan. I think Hogan’s editors didn’t quite get it. Hogan was trying to discourage overuse of the arms, but it didn’t come out that way.

      It’s gotta be resisting with the hips and “disassociating” upper & lower body.

      • calvin

        Woody, I don’t think that would turn anything upside down. You already have gurus preaching all sides of that; Flick with the arms, Hebron with the body, Ballard with connection and on and on. That is one tantalizing tease from Monte tho.

  2. Tom McNamara

    I can’t wait! Wishing great things for Frank…

  3. Brett

    That is awesome!

  4. mat

    oh, I like secrets and a bit of intrigue. Now I’m really plugging for Frank to win a big one. Good luck Frank!

  5. Mike Divot

    Great news. Go Frank, and Go Monte!

  6. HoldTheLag

    Don’t expose me now! I have mouths to feed…

  7. Brett Picotte

    Good luck to Frank tomorrow and the next four days. Those are great golfers on that tour, and I think a win would be HUGE. Go Frank!!!

  8. Lu

    Cargo shorts and tee shirt?


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