For the Obtuse

…and yes, I am making a little fun of you. 😀

I even provided a video.

If the issue you are trying to avoid is the hips turning too soon out of sequence…and/or thrusting toward the ball…which way would you move to avoid this?

At the top of the backswing, the target is center field, thrusting toward the ball is right field….you want your tailbone and zipper to make the initial downswing move to left field.

It’s a subtle first move in transition to keep the hips from thrusting at the ball, turning too quickly and keeping the right hip back for a split second longer to create room for the right elbow.




  1. g h pennington

    The obtuse would be offended if we knew what obtuse meant.

    Remember to eschew obfuscation.

  2. Paul

    Obtuse. Isn’t that the opposite of a right angle? I didn’t do to well in geometry. Try and keep the big words to yourself. 🙂 The zipper move is huge and will juice your swing speed and smash factor by orders of tens. Thanks for the Christmas gift, Monte. Merry Christmas!

  3. Ben Cooper

    Monte, would set up possibly aide or hurt ones ability to do this correctly? What I mean is, if someone starts with their butt sticking out in an effort to get their spine straight with a more bent over look, their hips won’t have anywhere to go. It seems that setting up like hogan with a less bent over look with the hips more or less neutral allowed him to pull the right hip back in the backswing and then back and to the left in the downswing with out backing out of the shot. Thoughts? I’ve read other spots that setting up more like you see with some of the older greats such as nichlaus and sneed with the rounded shoulders and less bend in the hips is a better way to set up. This may support that

  4. Mike Divot

    I will now attempt to translate the article without any “big words”.

    See ball. Hit ball. Hit ball good. Hit ball there. Over there. See? Hit ball there. Hit ball hard. Hit ball straight.

    There … so much better without the “big words”. “Big words” are scary and make us feel dumb. “Big words” are HEY THERE’S FOOTBALL ON!!!

  5. hank

    Monte – this makes perfect sense. I understand how well this keeps you in posture and increase/retain spine tilt. What’s the next thought after this one? Is it just to release the club?

  6. ringerdaman

    Everytime I hear someone say “you opened/turned your hips too fast” I want to grab them by the neck and beat them around on the ground while asking them, “Should I use less hip rotation while doing this?”

    Speed is your FRIEND.

    The faster you turn your hips, the faster everything else will go. The real question is WHICH DIRECTION are you turning them precisely? Monte’s got the right idea.

  7. John

    Subtle and smooth seems to be a key to this move. So far its’ limiting ‘fat’ shots.

  8. Paulp

    Is this the same as Tiger’s “squat” move?

      • Paulp

        So the difference is that your drill is definitely “away” and Tiger’s is more “down” and more like “power” move?
        Also, I know you called it a “drill”, but I’m supposed to hit balls doing this drill, correct?
        I would imagine I’m supposed to do this while I’m playing a round of golf, correct?

        If you reply with three yeses, then I’ve hit the jackpot and I’m going to buy a lottery ticket!


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