Exasperation – More on Secondary Tilt

Let me start by saying I am not frustrated with a single golfer who can’t get past how secondary tilt (spine tilt away from the target) is necessary even when “hitting down to compress an iron.”

On the contrary, I am frustrated for them.

I am frustrated at all of the gurus out there promoting forward spines and covering the ball…and the ones not stressing it’s importance and why are almost as bad.

It’s not rocket science folks. You are bent at the waist/hips at address. That means your arms go up in the backswing and down in the downswing, so the down is already there.

What you then need is secondary tilt to offset the down being too much or your arms have no room and the swing is too steep…depending on the club you’re hitting.

The shorter the club and the farther back the ball is in the stance, the less secondary tilt needed because that is a steeper swing.

I continue to be dumbfound why this is such a difficult concept.

There is a reason why 99% of the people who have EVER played this game for a living have secondary tilt even with their wedges…and the ones that don’t hit head high BB’s from playing in the wind. You will notice they all take big divots as well…and none of them are particularly long hitters. While notice how much all the long hitters in the history of the game had…and long drivers have ridiculous amounts. Too much in many cases when their right shoulders go down too much and not out. Doesn’t affect distance, just consistency and injury.

Right shoulder working down too much creates false ST when the body senses there isn’t enough. Hello Tiger Woods.

The golf instruction industry spends all of it’s time telling people to copy anomalies of great players, or adhere to a strict method of swinging the club.

Wouldn’t a more prudent way is to realize that there is no one way to swing the club and we shouldn’t be copying anomalies, we should be studying what’s common?

So it’s being done ass-backwards on two fronts.

Devils advocate would say lag is something they all have and you (Monte) rail against that.

Right. I rail against it because trying to crate lag when you throw away secondary tilt is a disaster.

Two general ways to create proper ST:

1. Create some at address and maintain it into impact.

2. Create it in transition. Lower body shift, upper body stays back.

The enemies. Too long of a backswing and upper body movement toward target. Coincidently, the two enemies of lag.

Creating ST properly can also eliminate the dreaded OTT and early extension. Coincidently, two more enemies of lag.

Seeing a pattern?

PS-Anyone who says that ST puts pressure on your back and hips because it promotes a reverse C finish…avoid them as they are likely to have warped religious and political beliefs as well.

The body will often react to lack of ST by creating it late and that is what causes the reverse C. When you create it properly, it allows the right shoulder to work around more, still come from the inside and not create such a vertical downswing shoulder turn….which is what creates the reverse C. When the right shoulder works around more, it brings the body into a more neutral position at the finish.

My upcoming videos on wedges and driver (follow ups to short game video), will address these issues quite clearly.



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