Ball position

Do not measure ball position by your feet, measure by your chest.

It’s individual according to body type and swing issues, but as a baseline, start with this…

Wedges off the sternum and driver off the front armpit…and everything else in between.

In addition, you can change path with ball position. If you want your path more right, move it back in your stance. If you want it more left, move it more forward.




  1. Jake G

    I assume you meant ball position, and not ball flight? Good stuff Monte. Based on this, I may have to adjust with my wedges

  2. yt

    I’ve always figured that with my stature and secondary tilt, the only way I could take a divot after the ball was to move the ball back. But it seems like conventional teaching insists that the ball is always judged by placement relative to your feet. And that “too forward” position just seems to lead to bad things for me, like shifting my head forward in the downswing. So thank you for giving me the confirmation to do what I think is right for me.

    A related question for you, what are your thoughts and insights about ball position “away from you”. I’ve experimented with hands vertical, hands slightly away, wrist angle, and haven’t really found anything I’m totally comfortable with yet. I feel like I’m randomly trying positions at the range, seeing ball flight, and using a ball position that maybe sticks for a week or two. Is there a process that will help me settle into something a bit better?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      With irons, if you let your arms hang, they should line up with the grip. Have a vide on this subject coming.

  3. Calvin

    This makes sense and pretty much resolves a personal mystery about placing the ball relative to feet. As you open your stance the lead foot arcs away from the target line and toward it as you close your stance. The shoulders stay reasonably parallel to the target line.


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