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  1. Dave Dunlop

    so u mean for all clubs? or all shots? or all golfers or all swing types? or all of the above lol.

      • Dave Dunlop

        why is that? didnt ben hogan always have the ball just inside his left instep and would just adjust his stance with his right foot? wouldnt a constant ball position be more consistent?

        • Monte Scheinblum

          You kind of made my point. He did what worked for him.

          And I was just discussing with Frank in the car something I say over and over again. Why so much reverence to a swing and routine that took 10 years of 8 hour a day practice to perfect.

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      • Jabrch (Jason)

        If every golfer had the exact same swing, used the exact same clubs bent to the exact same loft and lie and constantly had the exact same timing of how the face was delivered to the ball, Monte you would be 100% absolutely dead wrong.

        However, we live in the real world. You are, IMO, spot on. Because each player is completely different, uses different equipment, and tries to do different things with the ball, the only thing universal about ball position is that is universally variant. 🙂

        Replicating any professional golfer’s swing is a dangerous effort for any golfer at any level. Replicating Ben Hogan’s swing is even harder.

  2. Dave Dunlop

    wouldnt a constant ball position for a stock shot be more consistent though? didnt greg norman also do this way of setting up? just wondering, i alter mine depending on what club im using. short irons middle long irons slightly forward and woods left instep. only because thats what i read in tiger woods How I play golf and thats what i learnt to play with

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Not to be an ass, buy you just contradicted yourself.

      You keep missing my point and then make it for me.

      You said you learned to play that way.

      I learned to play a certain way and so did Frank and we strayed from that to do what you said was correct and it doesn’t work.

  3. Ant Lockyer

    I was taught that it’s relationship to the sternum that’s important.

  4. BernardP

    Some golfers play with a uniform ball position, others vary it according to the club they are using and the shot they are planning.

    Bottom line seems to be that the swing will adjust to the ball position.

  5. Calvin

    Ball position has always been a puzzle because you have several lines of reference. you can play it off your lead heel but that doesn’t account for your shoulders being open, closed or square or your eye-line. That lead heel stuff is based on a line perpendicular to your foot-line projected to the ball but if for instance you like your shoulders open at address a line perpendicular to your shoulder line from your lead shoulder will project ahead of the ball so you might be playing the ball off your heel relative to your foot-line and off your sternum relative to your shoulder line simultaneously. Swing crack hell.

    Why not just find out where your swing bottoms out and arrange yourself accordingly?

  6. wally

    I watching the players, Retief Goosen takes a shot on the 17th. the commentator says “beautifully rythmic golf swing” the ball lands short in the water. Which goes to show a beautifull and and great shot are NOT mutually inclusive. So get off that SWINGCRAW pipe.


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