Bad debut for Tiger.

3 under on the North with no birdies on the par 5’s and only hitting 1 of 3 fairways.

69 on the North is equal to about 75 on the South…or worse.

I really like Ricky Fowler.

I still reserve my position till Monday, but it doesn’t look good.




  1. Michael

    I think for where he was leaving himself on the greens, he did ok. Considering his first bogey free round last year came at the Deutche Bank in September, this was a step in the right direction.

    Now if he plays like crap on the South, then he’s got an issue. I think he’ll pop out a 68 or 67 tomorrow and be ok for the weekend.

  2. Doug B

    Tiger’s comeback isn’t quite as inspiring as Hogan returning from his car accident, but the tour is a more interesting place when he is in the mix. I hope he’s more of a factor this year.

  3. Mike

    I think he was working a lot on his full swing and it is still in the making, he was hitting some very nice drives and that is new, but of course his consistency with all the changes, but, it gets all better. For me worst is his behaviour, this throwing clubs thing is what makes him in my eyes a complete jerk with no fun to watch, ricky fowler maybe looks like a complete clown, but he is much more in control of himselves.


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