Arms lift and rotate in the backswing

1. How ever much your spine is tilted forward toward the ball at address, that is the angle the arms must lift to maintain their address position in relation to shoulder turn and chest.

2. If you held both arms straight out as if you were going to shake hands with two people, the arms must rotate in a fashion where the left palm faces down and right palm faces up.

I assume these two simple concepts are lost on most of you because they are lost on almost every golfer I see. They get lost in all the clutter of power accumulators and lever systems.




  1. John Mack


    Surely if the arms maintained their address position in relation to shoulder turn and chest as you suggest the right arm would not have to bend at the elbow. I can make a backswing keeping the right arm straight but the arms are then way above plane.In order to stay on plane the left arm has to rise somewhat up and also across the chest. Please put me right if I’m wrong.

    John Mack (UK)

  2. Brian Sulzbach

    Hi, Monte can you comment at your convenience on how important it is to feel the clubhead in the golf swing? Thanks… sorry if its not on topic.

  3. BigBoy.

    great advice.
    if the golf swing was taught as a lever system rather than putting in all the rotational garb, all ams would play golf a whole lot better and simpler.

  4. azrai

    a video on this monte pleaseee


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