Another drill/feel to get rid of…




  1. Bob

    Good stuff Monte. Thanks!

    • david carter

      Hey Monte i remember you said right shoulder down to the ball on the downswing.Can you show us ho to practice that move with a golf ball on video

  2. david carter

    Hey MONTE, so if you do this drill properly you are actually dumping the club to the slot like you said on dump bump and turn

  3. woody

    “flat and inside” — …arms, hands, and club…

    I guess that proves that there are 2 ways of looking at it. Former Tour pro George Knudson said that it didn’t matter what these items did, as far as consciouslessly controlling them. He said that these items were just “rotating mass.” I’ll skip the LINK.

    Knudson would probably agree with this illustration & comment by some online guru-salesman of unknown quality:
    Guru comment: “He is powering his backswing with the core of the body. That inner section of the torso and upper thighs are driving that swing motion…”

    For you right shoulder-people, here’s Sean-the-Beast-Fister: (1:39) “turn your right shoulder.”

    Interesting that first the Youtube suggestion beside Fister’s video is you. Monte 1992 (0:06)
    I don’t think you had time to route anything because consciously routing shoulders is slow.

  4. qtlaw88

    I wish I read this 18 mos ago and took it to heart; it would have saved me from about 6 mos of hell! Somehow the dreaded flat, inside takeaway then OTT seeped into my swing until I could not hit a SW more than 50 yds!! Thankfully, a pro at my kids’ school gave me a couple of lessons and bam, OTT gone. Thanks Dave!!


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