A stupid question…in 37 parts.

On the heels of the PGA Tour official affecting the outcome of the Bridgestone when slow play is so often overlooked on Tour, I have a rant of my own.

Why is it you almost never see a golf course marshal kicking a slow group in the pants that is grinding like it’s the last day of the Ryder cup? Yet so often I get harassed and am under constant threat of being asked to leave the golf course if I don’t hit when the group in front is still in my range.

I am torn. I would love to see even more strict slow play rules enforced for the likes of Ben Crane and Padraig Harrington, but I also don’t want too see the outcome of a PGA Tour event be affected by an official late on Sunday.

I would love to see a 4-some that is grinding like their life depends on it and are 3 holes behind, be asked to skip holes if they don’t pickup the pace. On the other hand, I don’t want to be forced to hit 2-iron on a 340 yard par 4 under penalty of being asked to leave the course if I don’t hit immediately.

Boy, I guess the only child in me really came out in this post. 🙂




  1. Hackinator

    I was playing at Whistler up in BC several years back and the group in front of us was a slowsome…..here comes this extra long cart that seated 4 …picked them up drove them ahead and got them back on pace…it was very cool.

  2. Monte Scheinblum

    Every course should do this, but they are afraid of offending customers. Instead they offend everyone behind them.


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