50 ways to shorten your swing

This is what I was asked. No chance…LOL…but here are some good ones.

1. Proper tilt at address
2. Controlling back swing with shoulder turn reduces arm lift
3. Keep the club from getting behind you at the beginning of the backswing…also known as keeping it outside or in front of your hands
4. Don’t take a backswing too far inside. Straighter back
5. Make a shoulder turn at a 90* angle to spine keeps it from getting too flat
6. Allow the right hip to work up in the backswing
7. Shoulder turn ends, backswing ends
8. Keep the left arm…yes the left arm for a right handed golfer, connected at the top of the swing.
9. Stay in your compact address posture

and the best of all…

10. Make an effort to be shorter and it will get shorter. Need for immediate gratification makes improving at golf impossible.




  1. Torpet

    “Need for immediate gratification makes improving at golf impossible”.
    How true!

  2. James

    Monte, what does “allow the right hip to work up in the back swing” mean?

  3. BernardP

    Is Fred Couples working on shortening his backswing?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      False premise Bernard. John Daly and Bubba Watson aren’t either. They also all have generated over 115-120 mph of speed and are world class golfers who can accelerate and square the club from those long positions. 99% of the ams out there cannot say the same and need shorter swings to accelerate properly and square the club and hit it solid.

  4. KOLO

    For me concentrating on an earlier wrist set shortened my back swing. I can actually stop at left arm parallel now.


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