1 under makes it




  1. Calvin D

    Borunda shoots 68 and Won shoots 82. You got to watch
    a real disparity. 3 shots from glory for Monte.
    Man I wish you had done it but great effort. Your last
    ten holes were solid. Shaky start cost you.

  2. Wally

    Play the mini tours

  3. Greg Tellis

    Proud of you, Monte…love your blog, keep doing what you do, and keep playing.


  4. north

    There is a better response in you than anger, I know this.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I get motivated and work harder when I feel this way…so it’s not a bad thing.

  5. north

    Okay. You know what works for you, as long as it isn’t a bad thing.

  6. Peter B

    Too much emotions there Monte, yeah one under did it but that was not you for whatever reason. And it would not mean anything you being on the first place, still three rounds to go. Good thing is you are only three shots behind. Isn’t it comforting to know you can win this?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It’s only one round. There are no more days.

      I wouldn’t be very mad if I was 5 shots back after 1 round of a 4 round event. This was a one shot deal to advance.

      • Peter B

        oh, that’s bad then

  7. Gunnar

    Hi Monte,
    you wrote that you´re angry with yourself.
    Ofcourse it´s fine with me if you don´t want to think about that but I`m wondering why you are so angry with yourself and I assume that dealing with that can “get you out of your own way” and get you to the point where you start to “play golf” and not improve your swing all the time.
    I guess when you say that you´re angry that means that a need of yours it not met and you think that you were/ are in the position to meet this need. The “need” that you have is represented by `playing good in the tournament` at this point but what are you basically looking for?
    Do you want to have fun on the golfcourse? Do you want to entertain the readers of your blog with some great results? Do you look for financial security for you and your family? Do you look for appreciation (from golfers) that is not based on your driving average?
    Well, if you´re clear with what you`re looking for, you can probably see that behind your anger on yourself is just some frustration or sadness because the need is not met right now.

    Dealing with some feelings always helps (me) a lot because if one is just angry on oneself or on other people without having checked the roots of these feelings, it is really hard to leave that anger behind.

    It´s fine with me if you dont want to think about that but probably it can help you to “feel behind your anger” from time to time and check out whats really going on there.

    Ps. I really enjoy it to read your “diary”. Thanks for sharing your experiences and your wisdom 🙂

  8. woody

    Go ahead and get angry with yourself.

    You came very close, and knew you had the capability of getting it done…(with proper preparation??)…

    Frustration is the thwarting or blocking of a goal. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel it.


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